Read texts without target phone using these recommendable applications

How to Read Text Messages without Access to Target Phone?

The kids’ security and safety is the crucial aspect that any parents need to pay attention to. As the cybersecurity risks worsen, parents need to ensure their kids are always safe. One way they can do this is to monitor the activities and texts on the kids’ phones. Parents can easily read text messages without access to target phone using several methods.

Best Ways to View Someone’s Text Messages

In order to know the target phone’s messages, we’d like to recommend various options like xnspy vs mspy apps. There are free and paid methods you may consider, and let’s take a closer look into them.

1. SMS Forwarding

The first option is SMS Forwarding, which is the possible way if you want to detect any incoming messages on the target phone.

On iPhone, to configure the sms forwarding options, you need to first access Settings > Messages > SMS Forwarding. And for the final step, a verification code is required if you’re not using two-factor authentication for the Apple ID.

The settings for message forwarding on Android can be done by using Google Voice App. Select the available menu to show the options. Choose “Settings”, and select the option to forward messages to the selected email or number.

Although it seems so simple to set up, it still has a few setbacks. Your kids may notice that their messages are being forwarded to you.

Thus, if you want to be more discreet, here’s how to hack text messages without target phone using spy applications.

2. Read Texts without Target Phone with Spy Applications

To detect any incoming or outcoming messages and activities from your kids’ phones, you may use what’s called spy software. Simply select your plan, install the app into your child’s phone, follow the installation steps, and monitoring is ready!

mSpy – Best App to Monitor Your Kid’s Activities

One of the best ways to read texts without target phone is by using monitoring applications, such as mSpy. The app can help the parents to detect any incoming messages and calls and track the kid’s location in real-time. Users will be given access to the control panel to monitor anything that happens within the target phone.

Besides its function to do SMS spy without installing it on the target phone, the parental app, mSpy, also offers other additional features, including phone call monitoring and getting information about the contacts.

Users may also enjoy the other functionalities, such as:

  • See the sender or the receiver of the text messages
  • Ability to see all the messages, including the deleted ones
  • Ability to monitor messages sent or received on various social media platforms
  • Tracking the kid’s location in real-time
  • Checking the phone’s browser history
  • See all the photos or videos sent in the messages
  • Check other activities, including calendar, emails, wireless networks, and other installed applications on the phone

Compared to the other monitoring applications, mSpy may also give you several advantages, including:

  • More secured payments
  • Compatibility with multiple operating systems
  • Assistance for beginners
  • Clear information about procedures and policies
  • 24/7 support
  • Users will always be 100% invisible
  • Easy setup and installation process

How to Start Using mSpy

Before starting the installation to view someone’s text messages, you need to first check the device’s compatibility. See the compatibility section, and compare it with the target phone’s specification. If the device surpasses the requirement, then you may proceed to the installation process.

Follow these steps to install mSpy:

  1. Buy one of the subscriptions – fill out the order form, and finalize your payment.
  2. Install the app – follow the instructions sent to your email to download and install the application to the kid’s phone.
  3. Check The Control Panel – enter the control panel using your account to see all the activities on the target phone.


For monitoring the kids’ activities on their phones, you may approach several methods explained above. But for achieving better functionalities and obtaining beneficial advantages, we highly recommend using mSpy.

While it stays hidden on the target phone, parents can monitor their kids’ activities in the easiest and safest way possible.

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