Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, & How to Watch

hellsing ultimate season 2

Hellsing’ has been adapted from a manga that goes by the same name and is known to one of the best manga of all time. With so much anticipation around the manga, for apparent reason, even the expectations of all fans were incredibly high from the anime. But alas, ‘Hellsing’ severely fails at achieving the standards set by its source material and whilst it is still enjoyable, it comes nowhere near to being the immersive experience that the full manga is.

The anime faces the same fate as ‘Fullmetal Alchemist‘ and runs out of source material mid-way through the season. Instead of concluding the show then and then, the creators decided to veer away from the tale of the manga and ended up developing a unique story that lacked the beauty of the source material’s story.

Gonzo Studio has had a fair number of great anime series including ‘Afro Samurai‘, ‘Special A‘ and ‘Gantz‘ but ‘Hellsing’ is certainly not one of their best works. From a Seinen anime like this one, one would expect powerful action scenes with fluent movements and realistic bloodshed/gore like ‘Berserk‘. But it misses all of them which is incredibly disappointing given the manga and even ‘Hellsing Ultimate’ are both nothing but violent gore fests.

The only good thing about the art design is the gloomy colour palette that has been employed which fully complements the whole uncanny horror vibe of the programme. Overall, ‘Hellsing’ is only worth viewing if you’re absolutely new to the whole premise of it. But if you’re familiar with its manga or other adaptations of it, then don’t waste too much of your time here.

Release Date Of Hellsing Ultimate Season 2

On October 11, 2001, the season one premiere of ‘Hellsing’ was held, and the season ended on January 17, 2002. A total of 12 episodes, each lasting 23 minutes, were broadcast during the course of this time period. There have been various other adaptations and variations of the anime, but none of them are sequels to the original. We can rule out the prospect of a second season of ‘Hellsing’ because it’s been almost two decades since it was first released and had a length of just 12 episodes.

Since the manga is still popular, we can expect a remake of the anime. Even when it comes to this, we can’t say for sure until we get official confirmation from the company. So for now, let’s avoid any false expectations and if you really want more of the Vampire action that ‘Hellsing’ has to give, you can either watch the other versions of the anime or simply read the manga. We’ll keep you informed about the ‘Hellsing’ season 2 release date if anything changes.

hellsing ultimate season 2

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Plot Of Hellsing Ultimate Season 2

Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing and her faithful allies in warfare, Walter C. Dornez and Alucard, are the focus of ‘Hellsing.’ After witnessing her father’s death in front of her eyes, she vows revenge on the killers and will not rest until they are all dead. She’s a member of ‘The Royal Order of Protestant Knights,’ a group founded by Abraham Van Hellsing but taken over by his daughter Integra when he dies in combat. The butler of the house, Walter is also a skilled combatant. He decides to accompany her in her quest to avenge the loss of their leader, and Alucard, their loyal demon, soon follows suit.

Alucard, the region’s most powerful demon, has vowed allegiance to the kingdom when Van Helsing defeated him. Alucard is a powerful opponent, but he also serves as a valuable resource, giving them the knowledge they need to take on the deadly undead.

This is when Integra notices a succession of unrelated fatalities, and she dispatches a number of troops to examine it. Soon after, Alucard is assigned to the search group, where he faces off against several more demons before dispatching them.

Seras suffers a major injury during the struggle, and by the time Alucard is able to approach her and treat to her injuries, she has already passed the point of no return. In order to keep her alive, Alucard decides to transform her into a vampire, which at least keeps her alive for the time being. As a result, Seras is forced to reflect on her life and come to terms with her new identity. She can’t believe that her time as a D-11 agent has come to an end and that she will now have to spend the rest of her life as a vampire. However, she is unable to dwell on her thoughts for long, as she will soon be tasked with further cases to attend to.

To find out what happened to the people around them, the group begins to investigate the disappearances and deaths that have occurred in the area. After a lengthy inquiry, it becomes evident that a cult is responsible for a number of deaths that they have been investigating. Vampire warriors have been resurrected by a group calling itself “The Millennium” with the goal of regaining Nazi Germany’s former glory. It is imperative that they move swiftly if they are to have any hope of defeating the Undead Horde, and the anime shows how they destroy the army and return tranquilly to the land.

Cast Of Hellsing Ultimate Season 2

An anti-hero, Alucard is a strong vampire throughout the entire kingdom, according to this storey. Over a century after he was beaten by Van Helsing for being a tough and hostile individual, he has transformed into a staunch supporter of his family’s leader. Once his victims are rendered defenceless, he ruthlessly murders them with impunity. Because of this tendency, he gets into a lot of trouble, yet he is so strong that very few of his foes can defeat him. He is able to evade the grasp of his enemies because to his special talents. The first time he’s ever wanted to kill a powerful human being, he’s grown weary of living in perpetuity.

Until Alucard’s transformation, Seras Victoria (Fumiko Horikawa) worked as a police officer. As a result, she has been promoted to the rank of lieutenant. Consequently, she may be dead in a matter of minutes. This was done to help her. Alucard’s combative temperament was the source of many problems between the two of them.

After her father’s assassination, she becomes a noblewoman and takes over the ‘Royal order of protestant knights’. Her quest for vengeance against the assassins of her father transformed her from a timid and shy girl into a fierce warrior and a beloved leader. Walter and Alucard help bring down a Nazi army cult called “the millenium.” There is a Nazi army cult known as “The Millennium.”

Walter C. Dornez ii, the family’s guardian and butler, has been dubbed the “angel of death” because of his expertise with monomolecular tubes. His fighting prowess is undeniable. In order to avenge the loss of Hellsing’s father, he joins Integra, the organisation he has served with since he was a youngster.

Trailer Of Hellsing Ultimate Season 2

An official trailer for the second season is still unknown, but anime lovers hope it will be better than the first season’s trailer and include more sequenced scenes, different characters, all of whom have amazing superpowers, and be able to mitigate the bad reputation that season one has earned for the anime community.

End lines

Eventually, The Major manages to shoot Integra’s left eye, but Integra is able to kill The Major with his right eye. The Major dies with a grin on his face, having realized his lifelong desire of owning a luxurious yacht.

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