Future Diary Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – Everything We Know So Far

future diary season 2

The Future Diary Season 2 Updates Mirai Nikki well-known as Future Diary is a manga collection furthermore named Sakae Esuno. The narrative is basically predicated entirely around 12 persons waging a royal diary sport who’s supplied with destiny diaries. These destiny diaries are exact that can be anticipating fate. The God of Space and Time Deus Ex Machina is the final survivor.

The characters are Yuki Amano, Yuno Gasal, Minene Uryu, and Aru Akise. Yuki Amano becomes an anti-social sort of kid whose handiest minute becomes to live. Yuno Gasal The different participant is a completely close pal of Yuki and may accomplish anything for Yuki. Future.

 Release Date Of Future Diary Season 2 

According to speculations, the Future Diary sequel had been cancelled, which was devastating news for fans. What’s more, there hasn’t been any credible cancellation information from Studio Asread or other trustworthy anime-related firms. In addition, even if component 2 is critically needed, there are extremely little prospects for its renewal..

It is difficult to predict whether or not season 2 will be released or whether it will be cancelled altogether. The most essential reason for this is because the story is already completed by the time it reaches component 2. And if the reputable words about the second season are leaked, we will be able to replace you, gentlemen, as soon as possible. We may expect the second season to begin somewhere around the latter few months of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, depending on when the first season ended.

future diary season 2

Plot Of Future Diary Season 2 

The protagonist of the narrative, Yukiteru Amano, was a young guy with a kind demeanour. When I saw him, I was surprised to see how busy and occupied he seemed to be. He kept a notebook in which he wrote about his day-to-day activities. He had two digitally linked buddies and was in the middle of his career as he was sociable and jobless. Two of his connections were Deus Ex Machina and Deus’ servant. Deus, the god of time and space, transforms into a live being after a few episodes of the television series.

He encouraged Yukiteru to join the game in order to meet the god of space and time. So the game revolves on the 11 members who had to destroy the journal in order to complete the level. The Yukiteru seems to be more well-liked by the gods than any other weapon in the universe.

Faced with all this bloodshed, the main character of Future Diary Season 2 has remained calm and collected. Yuno Gasai, a new character in the game, is a fan of Yukiteru. The series has a twist that always helps Yukteru achieve his aims and save and aid him in his quest to become the god of time and space.’ After this episode, so many secrets were uncovered and the motivation for each character’s character was explained in the next episode.

It’s time to wrap up today’s “Future Diary Season 2” post, and I hope you enjoyed it. For the time being, I’ll see you all again soon, but until then, good luck and be careful!

Trailer Of Future Diary Season 2 

The trailer’s builders and manufacturing company have yet to say anything positive about it. We’ll be able to update as soon as the credible bulletins are published.

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Is Future Diary Season 2 Cancelled?

Maybe or maybe not. There were reports of a subsequent cancellation and no formal names from Studio Assad and other production houses associated to this anime about part 2 performance. The primary reason for this is also since the first season was closed up on a positive note with no suspicions left yet the fan volume is quite big maybe we may anticipate part 2 with a fresh narrative and some new characters.

Season 1 finished with an OVA episode that many fans have yet to see, which is why there is such a great demand for season 2. In addition, the first season’s finale ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the viewers unsatisfied. Because the OVA episode was released in June 2013 in response, Future Diary no longer required a second season.

It remains to be seen whether Takae Esuno will continue the series with new tales. The return of the show for a second season will be announced only then.

In reality, something was missing from the last episode of Season 1 when it aired.


Despite all the brutality he faces in the game, the protagonist in Future Diary Season 2 is gentle and constantly protects himself. Yuno Gasai, a new companion, is introduced in the game. One of the defining characteristics of Yukteru’s series is the twist that always aids him in reaching his objectives. After then, a slew of information was made public, including the true motivations for the characters’ acts in the next episode.

We hope you liked our look at the new season of Future Diary. For the time being, have a wonderful weekend and be careful!

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