Battle Royale Game: What Is Fortnite Rule No. 34? Should It Content Be Banned? Here’s What We Know!

Battle Royale Game: What Is Fortnite Rule No. 34? Should It Content Be Banned? Here's What We Know!

Rule 34 is a worldwide phenomena that may be applied to the whole gaming industry, not just Fortnite.

Certain phrases and pop cultural phenomena will inevitably reach your small corner of cyberspace if you’ve been on the internet long enough. Fortnite is certainly one of those game-changing titles, and it has been ingrained in online culture in ways that few others can match.

Hollywood celebrities, musicians, and others have all made appearances in the battle royale, either as special events or as one-of-a-kind skins. And as Fortnite’s popularity grows, it, like so many other things on the internet, has become a victim of what’s known as Rule 34.

Battle Royale Game: What Is Fortnite Rule No. 34? Should It Content Be Banned? Here's What We Know!

R34 is now a covert hub of the digital world, reserved for individuals who use incognito tabs on Google Chrome and those who use secretive hubs of the digital world. There’s a rationale for that, too.

What is Fortnite R34 all about?

As previously said, Rule 34 is not exclusive to Fortnite, although Epic Games’ battle royale is undoubtedly one of the most popular names associated with the notion. In other words, if something exists, there will be pornography of it someplace on the internet.

According to artists, Fortnite, like many other gaming franchises, has a large, ever-growing cast of characters, making it an ideal franchise for R34. According to, the origins of these principles can be traced all the way back to 2006.

4chan creator Christopher Poole claimed a year later, in 2007, that site members favored these homemade “laws of the internet” above the web’s real ones, which he first placed as a satirical piece on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

According to some sources, there are a total of 50 internet regulations, but the accuracy of this claim is debatable. In any case, they’re not supposed to be taken seriously in the first place.

Battle Royale Game: What Is Fortnite Rule No. 34? Should It Content Be Banned? Here's What We Know!

Although Rule 34 is the most well-known, it is far from the only commonly acknowledged rule. Rule 35, for example, states that if there isn’t any pornography of something, it will soon appear.

Some games, such as Overwatch, have become quite popular within the R34 group. Blizzard ordered continuous takedowns against artists creating NSFW art involving their characters during the height of their popularity in 2016.

In 2019, a new D.Va schoolgirl skin had developers scrambling to get their hands on her model for obscene intentions, three years later. Of course, certain projects require more than simply an artist’s skill. R34 has a lot of video content, with voice performers and animators contributing as well.

Regardless of how you or gaming companies feel about it, Law 34 is the most popular “rule of the internet” for a reason: it is the only one that is absolute.

What does this have to do with ‘Fortnite’?

The realm of Fortnite isn’t the only place where Rule 34 applies. With the growth of the internet throughout the years, it’s reasonable to assume that there’s something for everyone. If you can think of it, it’s probably already on the internet somewhere.

Unfortunately, this means that if it exists, explicit content has already been generated around it. That’s Rule 34, which leads to Rule 35: If adult content isn’t already present, it will be.

Battle Royale Game: What Is Fortnite Rule No. 34? Should It Content Be Banned? Here's What We Know!

It doesn’t matter whether the contents of this adult content are traditionally viewed in an erotic light — Rule 34 applies to a wide range of non-erotic persons and subjects.

To summarize, yes, pornographic videos based on the setting and characters of Fortnite exist. If you’re a minor, we advise you to avoid looking into it right now. If you’re an adult, you can technically do whatever you want, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to undo what you’ve seen.

Much of this artwork is fan art done by Fortnite players, and it goes without saying that none of it is endorsed by Epic Games, the game’s developer.

Both of these criteria aren’t specific to Fortnite; in fact, they apply to every video game, show, fanbase, or internet obsession (whether you think there is one or not).

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Should Content From Fortnite’s Rule 34 Be Banned?

The content of Rule 34 is frequently frowned upon. Fall Guys’ creators went so far as to restrict accounts that shared Rule 34 content with them. Many members of the community, however, consider Rule 34 to be part of their right to free speech. This is a contentious position to take.

Battle Royale Game: What Is Fortnite Rule No. 34? Should It Content Be Banned? Here's What We Know!

The issue with Rule 34 in video games is that a big portion of the population is under the age of 18. Combining Rule 34 fan art with a game like this risks exposing the game’s fanbase, which is mostly made up of children, to content that is improper for their age group. As a result, prohibiting Rule 34 from social media is a reasonable position to pursue.

Community Guidelines for Epic Games

Sharing such content should be done with extreme caution. Many developers are now blocking accounts that share this type of stuff. “Do not participate in or encourage illegal or harmful activities within the community, including gambling, illegal drug usage, phishing, human trafficking, prostitution, doxing, swatting, or distributing information that celebrates or incites violence,” Epic Games says in their community guidelines.

Threats to kill yourself or others are taken seriously, so don’t make them, even if it’s a joke. Use in-game reporting (Fortnite, Rocket League) or contact our player support staff if you witness something that puts other players at danger.”

This can include Rule 34 content, which frequently includes the glorifying of violence as well as adult content.


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