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Fauci calls for Fox News host to be fired ‘on the spot’ for ‘kill shot’ comments – keymanagementinsights.com

On Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci slammed Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters for making “crazy” threats against him, saying the conservative agitator should be fired “on the spot.”

On CNN’s “New Day,” the nation’s top infectious disease expert was responding to comments made by Watters over the weekend to the conservative, pro-Trump youth group Turning Point USA.

Fauci was to be “ambushed” and a “death shot” was to be recorded, according to Watters’ instructions.

“What an appalling thing to do. I mean, it’s just a reflection of how crazy things are in the world now, you know? “Fauci commented. You have some man out there suggesting that people should shoot me in the head because I’ve been encouraging people to exercise good public health practises, to be vaccinated, be careful in public places, wear a mask, and for that you have some guy saying that people should ambush me?”

Watters appeared to link Fauci to wild conspiracy theories that link the esteemed researcher to alleged biowarfare in his statements to a far-right youth organisation.

It’s time for the final blow. Ambush death shots are dangerous because the target doesn’t expect them, Watters said.

You say, ‘Dr. Fauci, you supported dangerous research at an unkempt Chinese laboratory.’ ” In the same laboratory that unleashed this disease on the world. There must be something wrong with you, doesn’t there? He’s out of here! RIP, he’s gone! Is he out?”

An interviewer for CNN refused to air Watters’ remarks because he feared they would inspire violence..

“In other words, what’s the state of society like today? That’s a terrible thing to say. Because of this and the fact that he’s going to be mostly unaccountable, “Fauci commented. “That network isn’t going to do anything for him… he’s on. What? That’s insane. “The employee should be fired immediately.”

As predicted by Fauci, a Fox News Channel representative confirmed the network’s support for Watters’ inflammatory rhetoric.

It is quite evident that Jesse Watters was using a metaphor to bring tough questions to Dr. Fauci concerning gain-of-function studies and his statements have been taken completely out of context.” “Tuesday, according to a FNC statement.

Covid-19 has killed more than 810,000 Americans, and far-right activists despise Fauci as a symbol of the federal government’s efforts to contain it.

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