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As an app that “helps savvy buyers make informed selections,” Fakespot is billed as “allowing you to quickly and instantly examine Amazon and Yelp product reviews.

A number of platforms are covered by the four Fakespot alternatives: online/web-based; SaaS; Chrome OS; Mozilla Firefox; and Google Chrome. ReviewMeta.com, a free alternative, is your best bet.

Their view index, Revioly, and GMBToolBox are all excellent alternatives to Fakespot for Google My Business. Alternatives to Fakespot include Price Comparison Services and Review Websites, with the former being the most common.

If you’re seeking a specific feature of Fakespot or just a more focused list of alternatives, use this filter.

ReviewMeta vs. FakeSpot: A Comparison of Online Review Analysis Tools

fakespot alternative

“How is ReviewMeta different from FakeSpot?” is a common question we are asked. FakeSpot and ReviewMeta both aim to empower users to identify and remove fake reviews, but there are several important differences to note.

A product’s reviews can be analyzed in greater depth using the ReviewMeta platform’s transparency and customization options.

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Analyzing the Foundations

For starters, take note of the varying methods in which the data is presented on each website. When FakeSpot detects a high percentage of “poor quality reviews,” it assigns a letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F).

This gives the customer an idea of the reliability of the product reviews, but it doesn’t go any farther. After removing any suspicious reviews from the average rating and number of reviews, ReviewMeta presents one of three outcomes (PASS, WARN, or FAIL) with the recalculated average rating and number of reviews.

However, customers can obtain a better idea of the product’s true value by comparing this estimate to actual customer reviews. You can also edit the adjustment yourself using ReviewMeta, which displays exactly how we come up with each modification.

This means that you can reset the score after eliminating all unverified reviews by sliding the dial to 0% if you believe that all purchases that are not validated should be eliminated.

It’s critical to keep in mind that a lack of natural reviews does not equate to a product’s quality being lower.

Sellers of high-quality products are also being compelled to develop fake reviews in order to maintain their competitive position on Amazon, despite the fact that fake reviews are occasionally created to assist push low-quality products.

FakeSpot’s or ReviewMeta’s rating of FAIL means that the product is not a complete failure; yet, it may still be worth purchasing.

Alternatives to Fakespot: 1. Review Meta

  • Review Meta Is Our Top Pick for A Fakespot Replacement

Using ReviewMeta streamlines the grading of reviews on Amazon.com. Fakespot-like elements abound in ReviewMeta. It lets you copy and paste URLs.

Instead of assigning a grade to a website, this program eliminates reviews that it deems to be untrustworthy. Amazon’s aggregate rating is subsequently replaced with ReviewMeta’s own.

In addition, ReviewMeta lets you fine-tune its algorithm. After the program analyses a webpage, you can adjust the weighting of categories in the grading mechanics.

Detailed breakdowns, including graphs, are provided to show the causes that contributed to the adjusted ratings in this tool.

  • Recommendation Index

You can also utilize TheReviewIndex as an alternative to Fakespot. On Steam and Amazon, TheReviewIndex curates the best tech reviews. And it can tell you whether or not fraudulent reviews have a negative impact on the overall rating of a product.

The URL can also be pasted into the platform using this tool. The platform then categorizes the product into various subcategories based on the terms that were extracted from the user feedback.

There is a spam test that TheReviewIndex conducts to ensure that review content is genuine.

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fakespot alternative

Fakespot’s review analysis is based on a consumer-first approach. As a result, buying on their supported sites is a far more pleasurable experience.

Reviewers and assessments are analyzed by the program, looking for metrics like:

Dates that don’t match

– Total number of assessments

– Grammar and spelling are under question.

– Other indications that a review is being conducted in an unethical manner

Letters are used to rate reviews once the program has completed its examination of the data. There are two components to these grades: the total number of reviews and the number of suspicious reviews. The program makes use of letters such as these:

– A and B for dependable testimonials

– A mixed bag of trustworthy and dubious reviews earns a C-

– D & F due to the lack of adequate reliable reviews.


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