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Facebook Dating App: Detailed instructions on how to activate and Utilise Facebook Dating, the social network’s dating tool.

Rather than focusing on the one thing that everyone wants from Facebook, the company has recently been providing us with a slew of new services that no one asked for, such as a strangely Orwellian streaming service and an ill-advised return to news.

Earlier this month, Facebook released a new in-app dating tool called Facebook Dating in the United States, following a successful international rollout in 19 countries over the past year. This is Facebook’s most recent attempt to win us over.

Why does this exist? and Who would use this? are some of the common queries concerning Facebook Dating. After the release, I was left wondering, not about who or why, but about whether or not anyone had actually used it.

It took over two weeks after I initially set up my profile on the advertised debut date for the platform to start suggesting matches, prompting an increasingly aggravating this question.

Finally, after a lengthy wait, Facebook finally provided some matches, and it turns out that people are actually using it. To my surprise, not much had changed in the interval.

As full disclosure, I was already sick and tired of Facebook before it became fashionable. Or, to put it another way, I was done with Facebook before it was cool. Until 2014, I didn’t have a Facebook account because it was required to use Tinder at the time.

Because having a Tinder account back then was almost as embarrassing as having a Facebook account now, I kept both my Tinder and Facebook identities a secret.

Today, I will tell everyone and everyone about my swiping habits, including many things they don’t want to know. However, I still rarely post anything on Facebook.

In other words, I’m not the intended audience for Facebook Dating. As part of its pitch, the platform uses the data you’ve given it over the years to play matchmaker based on your shared interests, likes and dislikes, and events you’ve attended. This should lead to more “genuine” matches than you’d get from regular swiping apps.

As long as you’re willing to put your trust in a notoriously dubious social media platform with a strong interest in using your personal information for ad-targeting… um, I mean, match you with your perfect match.

Whatever the case may be, Facebook Dating is here, and judging by the 219 alerts I received this morning, someone is actually making use of it. Let’s have a look at what it has to offer!

How It All Goes Down

facebook dating app

Anyone over the age of 18 who has the most recent version of Facebook installed can now opt into Facebook Dating and build a distinct Dating profile (as opposed to a subset of your main profile).

Others who have signed up will see your name. People are recommended to you based on your Facebook habits, preferences, and interests. Forget about swiping or waiting for a potential date to “like” you before you can get in touch.

You can let someone know you’re interested in them by leaving a comment on their profile or by clicking the “Like” button. There’s no need to bother with these if you don’t want to. You can find dates on Facebook with people you know, people you don’t know, or even someone you’ve never met before.

Unless you use Secret Crush and both of you add each other to your list, Facebook Dating will not pair you up with pals. The dating activity that you’ve done will be preserved in Facebook Dating. Neither you nor your friends will see it.

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With Facebook and Instagram Stories, people will soon be able to interact and share. We’re at a time where individuals are expected to make an instant judgment on whether or not they like someone just by looking at their profile picture.

We’re bringing Stories to Dating to help you demonstrate, rather than tell, who you are. With this approach, you can be more open and honest than with a traditional dating profile.

Just the idea. The final design is not yet complete.

With Secret Crush, you may flirt with people you already know via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram without revealing your identity.

For the most part, respondents told us they were interested in exploring romantic connections outside of their Facebook friends and Instagram followers, which Facebook Dating does not match you with by default.

You can accomplish that with our well-liked Secret Crush feature. Your friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram are all eligible for Secret Crush if you’d like to use the service. (You must connect your Instagram account to Facebook Dating in order to gain Instagram followers.)

In the event that your crush has signed up for Facebook Dating, they will receive an alert stating that someone has expressed an interest in them. The two of you are a match if your crush also adds you to their Secret Crush list!

The only way anyone will know that you’ve entered their name into the database is if they don’t use Dating, don’t make a Secret Crush list, or don’t add you to their list.

Instagram posts can now be added to your Facebook Dating profile. Add Instagram posts to your profile to help you construct a better dating profile, show off elements of your life, and connect with individuals who share your interests.

Become a member of groups and events to meet others with similar interests.

Members of groups and events that you’ve been to or plan to attend, as well as people who use Facebook Dating, may all be found in one location. You will be visible to these folks if you choose to look at them.

Sharing information about your date is completely secure. Facebook Dating users can use Messenger to communicate information about their scheduled dates and whereabouts with someone they trust.

Whether or whether they want it, they will be allowed to decide for themselves. If they do, they have complete discretion over who they tell. It’s never been easier to create a dating profile.

Creating a Facebook Dating profile is now simpler thanks to feedback from those using the service outside of the United States. Photos and information from your Facebook profile will be suggested with just a single tap.

You can edit or remove these from the app. Your own dating profile is also possible to design.

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facebook dating app

As of this writing, Facebook Dating is currently available in 19 countries outside of the United States: Argentine Bolivian Brazil, Canada Chile Colombia Ecuador Guyana Guyana Laos Malaysia Singapore Suriname Thailand Uruguay. By the beginning of 2020, it should be available throughout Europe. Visit Facebook.com/dating to learn more.

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