Eternals 2 Release Date Update | Expected Release Date, Cast Change, Plot Theories and More

Eternals 2 Release Date
Eternals 2 Release Date

Aside from Chloé Zhao’s Marvel Studios directorial debut, Eternals has the potential to have far-reaching ramifications on a scale that has yet to be imagined. With Sersi and her crew sacrificing themselves to prevent Earth from being destroyed and all of its inhabitants from being wiped out, the film came to a close. Oh, and Harry Styles made his Eros debut.

#MakeTASM3 and #ReleaseTheSnyderCut haven’t been trending on Twitter, but it’s clear there will be another Eternals film in the works. Although Marvel Studios hasn’t generated as many billion-dollar films as the Spider-Mans and Captain America of MCU, they can still prioritize some narratives over revenues.

Despite this, it is still unclear whether or not there will be an Eternals 2. Angelina Jolie had previously stated that “the sequel” is a given, but director Zhao has stated that a follow-up is currently a “we’ll see.” When can Eternals fans hope for a sequel since the public doesn’t seem to be pressing for one?

The Release Date Of Eternals 2: When Will Eternals 2 Be Out?

The release date for Eternals 2 hasn’t been announced by Marvel yet, so we’ll have to wait at least two years for the sequel. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be released on July 28th, 2023, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have a rather full schedule before then.

The Fantastic Four and Blade movies, for example, have been confirmed by Marvel but no release date has been set. The sequel to Eternals is likely to arrive in 2024.

To keep up with the three-year cycle of MCU films, Marvel has set November 2024 as the release date for their next film in the series. But for the time being, all of this is just conjecture, and we’ll let you know when new information becomes available.

Who Will Return For The Sequel To Eternals?

If the sequel is confirmed, we can anticipate most of the actors to return, but the first film had its share of losses. It was the Deviants who killed Salma Hayek’s Ajak and Bill Skarsgard’s Kro who killed Don Lee’s Gilgamesh in the film.

When Ikaris realized the folly of his actions at the end of the movie, Richard Madden’s character flew into the sun and appeared to die. Despite their 7,000-year lifespan, no one can count out flashbacks in the wake of their deaths.

So far, no more deaths, but Sersi has transformed Lia McHugh’s Sprite into a human, so her reappearance isn’t ruled out. If Sprite makes a comeback, it’s possible that McHugh will be replaced in the lead position.

In addition to Sersi (Gemma Chan), we can anticipate seeing Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo, Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari, Barry Keoghan’s Druig, and Angelina Jolie’s Thena (Barry Keoghan). Dane Whitman’s character, Dane Whitman, will come back, possibly as the Black Knight, as was hinted at in the post-credits sequence (more on that in a bit).

Harry Styles, who made his MCU debut as Eros, or Starfox, aka the brother of Thanos in the mid-credits scene, will be back in the sequel as Eros. There will be a return of Pip the Troll, who was voiced by Patton Oswalt in the first film and who we assume will return.

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Eternals 2 Story: What Can We Expect From Eternals 2?

This sequel may or may not follow in the footsteps of the previous film, which drew heavily from Jack Kirby’s comics for inspiration. However, we can concentrate on the cliffhanger ending of the first film.

The Eternals disband after defeating Tiamut and defying their leader (and creator) Arishem to save Earth from destruction. Though Arishem takes Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos away from Earth, they’re wrong.

According to Arishem (who is depicted in the comic books as a Celeste who decides if a planet’s civilization is worthy of life or death), this will be his method of determining whether or not humanity should be saved. Because they’re traveling to tell the rest of the Eternals about their discovery of their actual nature on the Eternal ship the Domo, Makkari, Druig, and Thena avoid Arishem.

Sersi, Kingo and Phastos “disappeared” in the post-credits scene, and they speculate that Arishem is to blame. Eros, a stranger aboard the Domo, pledges to help them locate their loved ones.

While Eros and the Eternals may appear in later MCU films, this feels like a straight set-up for Eternals 2, rather than another MCU film. As Dane touches the Ebony Blade in the post-credits sequence, the Black Knight may join them.

“I don’t know what the future holds,” actor Kit Harington told Digital Spy when asked about the possibility of returning as the Black Knight.

Comic Books By Marvel

I’m Dane Whitman in this movie and you might find out a bit more about how I live my life by watching the movie and seeing how I’m Dane Whitman,” he said.

As part of the MCU and this franchise, I hoped there would be a future where Dane had more to him than just being human, so I’m hoping for that as well.”

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There’s No Eternals 2 Trailer Yet

Eternals 2 hasn’t even been confirmed yet, let alone started filming, as previously said, so expect to be patient. For the time being, you can catch up on Eternals by going back and watching it on Disney Plus.


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