Escape Room 3

Escape Room 3 Release Date Status: Everything You Need To Know!

As with the original film, the conclusion of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions leaves viewers hanging in anticipation of Minos’s appearance in the third installment.

That’s all we know about the third installment of this mind-bending horror franchise so far, including its plot, characters, and possible release date.

In this terrifying sequel, Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) return as the only two people to escape the first room, although this time they’re not alone; survivors from previous Mino’s Escape Rooms have also found themselves locked in the world’s deadliest chamber.

Since the only people who made it out of the disaster alive were those in the escape room, the question is why Minos has gathered the previous winners for this round.

If you haven’t seen Escape Room: Tournament of Champions and don’t want to know any spoilers about it, then you should stop reading now.

Escape Room 3 Plot

Escape Room 3

The shocking conclusion of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions provides a tantalizing glimpse into the potential plot of Escape Room 3. In the last moments of the action film, Zoey and Ben are flying home after successfully foiling Minos’s plans.

Not much, as they face yet another survival conundrum as their jet crashes. Like the other films in the series, “Escape Room” will likely follow the same formula, with Zoey, Ben, and the rest of the cast attempting to solve a series of increasingly difficult and ingenious puzzles.

We might also get more background on Minos, such as how the corporation avoided being exposed or completely crushed. The source of the solutions. Just what is going on with Minors? How likely is it that Zoey and Ben will succeed in breaking free? You have given us a sequel to find out!

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Escape Room 3 Release Date

Currently, there is no confirmed release date for Escape Room 3. Release of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, scheduled for about 16 months after the original film, was delayed until the pandemic was over.

If the green light is given shortly, construction on Escape Room 3 might start this year, with a possible release in late 2022 or early 2023.

Escape Room 3 Cast

Escape Room 3

Now that she is living again, Deborah Ann Woll might join Taylor Russell and Logan Miller as Zoey and Ben in the third film. However, outside of those two, it is unknown who will return, given all of the sequel’s primary characters have apparently perished by this point.

Given Amanda’s reappearance, it’s no longer possible to assume that none of the other escape room participants is still alive and hence any of them could come back.

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Escape Room 3 Trailer

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