365 Days 3

365 Days 3- Possible Release Date Status & Renewal Status in 2022!

The sequel to the controversial film 365 Days, titled This Day, was released on Netflix in April. After its success at the box office, anticipation is high for the third installment.

The exciting news is that the streaming service has just given us some tasty stuff, so we can return to Laura and Massimo’s narrative sooner than we might have thought. Keep your fingers crossed!

The following is a summary of all the information currently available for 365 Days 3, also known as The Next 365 Days, including its storyline summary, release date, and confirmation date.

365 Days 3 Release Date

365 Days 3

Although there was around a two-year delay between the first 365 Days 3 film and the sequel, 365 Days 3: This Day, that doesn’t necessarily mean that fans will have to wait that long for The Next 365 Days 3.

Due to Netflix’s confirmation that filming for both sequels and the third installment occurred simultaneously, it’s safe to assume that the production teams working on them won’t need as much time.

Netflix has announced that it will release both 365 Days 3: This Day and The Next 365 Days 3 worldwide in 2022, thus the third film should come out sometime this year.

The release date for the second film was unexpectedly announced by the streaming giant only a month before its debut, so the same thing could happen with The Next 365 Days.

The Next 365 Days will premiere on Netflix on August 19, 2022. We just verified, and The Next 365 Days is indeed on Netflix’s list of upcoming original films and television series for August 2022.

View the local release dates for The Next 365 Days to see when you can go see it.

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365 Days 3 Plot

After the gunfire stops, the two sides come to an uneasy ceasefire. After his brother’s death, Massimo becomes enraged and orders his enemies to leave. There is no hope for Laura because Adriano has already passed away.

Laura’s gunshot wound is not a major plot point because she has recovered completely since the last film. Since Laura and Massimo’s relationship is in trouble, she has decided to focus on her career again.

Now that she’s getting back into the fashion industry, Laura is conflicted because Nacho has returned. To what end will Laura ultimately decide? Should she stay with Massimo, who is toxic and aggressive, or should she switch to Nacho, who is in the same gang?

Or perhaps she could set sail and set out on her own, far from these toxic men. Oh, the agony of choice!

365 Days 3 Cast

Leading ladies Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone, who play Laura and Massimo, respectively, have already been cast in the third film.

I find it hard to imagine that Laura would die, despite the fact that the ending of the second film left her fate up in the air (again). In any case, we may expect to see her again in the third film.

The opening four minutes of The Next 365 Days, which have now been made public, appears to confirm Laura’s destiny, and you can check them out in the embed down below.

We anticipate Morrone’s comeback as Massimo, but could he also make a cameo as Adriano, Massimo’s twin brother?

As can be seen in the above clip, Adriano appears to have died from the gunshot wounds he sustained when Massimo shot him at the end of 365 Days: This Day. Maybe he’ll show up as a flashback or as a ghost, though.

Simone Susanna, who plays Massimo’s nemesis Nacho, will also be back for future episodes. Magdalena Lamparska and Otar Saralidze, who formerly played Laura’s best friend Olga and Massimo’s right-hand man Domenico, respectively, will also be returning to their respective roles. During the second film, Olga and Domenico decided to get engaged.

All in all, the film’s potential cast includes:

  • Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura
  • Michele Morrone as Massimo
  • Simone Susanna as Nacho
  • Magdalena Lamparska as Olga
  • Otar Saralidze as Domenico

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365 Days 3 Trailer

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