Emily Simpson Plastic Surgery

Emily Simpson’s Incredible Body Transformation: Before and After Photos!

Emmy Simpson, a well-known American TV personality, is also a well-known attorney and occasional party designer. On January 19, 1976, American-born Emily Simpson entered the world in Ohio. Her formative years are spent in Butler County, Ohio. With regard to her academic background, she attended Medison High School and graduated in 1994.

Her narrative of “from rags to reaches” is quite remarkable. She originated from a poor background, but Emily turned her life around by pursuing a career in law. She became well-known as a result of her role in Season 13 of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on TLC.

Emily Simpson Plastic Surgery Before And After

Emily Simpson, a star on the Bravo reality show Real Housewives of Orange County, posted before and after photographs of her recent plastic surgery on her primary Instagram account first thing on Thursday morning. The 47-year-old TV host told her roughly 600,000 followers that she had seen herself on TV and discovered that she had “totally lost her jawline.”

Emily Simpson Plastic Surgery

The celebrity, who has spoken frankly about her body image struggles on the Bravo series in the past, admitted that she had a “little lower face/neck lift” and lauded her cosmetic surgeon for the “meticulous” and “first-class” job he did.

The celebrity posted two side-by-side photos of herself, turning her head to highlight the dramatic change in her jawline from “two years ago” to the present. At the outset of her detailed caption, Emily speculated that “being middle-aged, gaining 30 pounds and then losing it, menopause…” would be to blame for the disappearance of her jawline.

The 47-year-old Emily Simpson flaunted the results of her recent facelift on her primary Instagram profile on Thursday morning. In his letter, he said, “WHO knows what the actual culprit is, but a couple of years back I was seeing myself on TV and to my horror noticed that I had completely lost my jawline.”

Emily Simpson Plastic Surgery

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After mentioning that she had done “research” and “three consultations,” the reality star said that she had decided to get the “small lower face/neck lift” performed by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Siamak Agha. Continuing his praise, he said, “He performed a wonderful job because I still look like myself…just like I did before my jaw packed and I left town.”

His work is “meticulous and top quality,” he added. The mother of three has reportedly undergone plastic surgery before, including a breast implant removal and tummy tuck in October 2020, According to Bravo Television. Dr. Siamak Agha also performed a “fat transfer” on her breasts in April 2021 when she decided she no longer wanted implants.

“He also lifted and transferred fat to my chest after removing my breast implants,” she said. “I had another surgery not too long ago, about which I’ll explain more.” The celebrity assured her fans and followers that she maintains her workout program even after receiving plastic surgery.

Emily Simpson Plastic Surgery

Simpson told Us Weekly in early January of last year, “I spent like two years working out with a personal trainer simply to get in decent shape and drop weight.”  The Orange County attorney concluded her post with an encouraging message for her fellow female legal professionals.

Additionally, I would like to remind all women that they have the freedom to decide for themselves how they want to take care of their bodies and their age. All natural or surgical… it’s up to each lady,’ she wrote, followed by two heart emojis.

Professional Life of Emily Simpson

Emily has a dual profession as an attorney and event coordinator. In her capacity as an event planner, she organized a baby shower for one of the other participants, Tamra. A true “rags-to-riches” success tale, her life is an inspiration.

Emily Simpson Plastic Surgery

After completing law school, she spent some time as a practicing attorney in the Golden State. After gaining experience in the event planning industry, she launched Two Wild and Crazy Girls Party Planners.

Her duties as an associate attorney at the national firm Higbee & Associates included representing clients’ interests in intellectual property disputes and drafting appropriate legal briefs. Emily and her sister-in-law run a successful business together.

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Emily Simpson Television Career

In the tenth season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Emily gained notoriety. Once she was promoted to the series’ main cast in the thirteenth season, however, her popularity skyrocketed. On March 21, 2006, Bravo debuted a new American reality series that follows a group of people living in a house together.

Emily Simpson Plastic Surgery

As of this writing, fourteen seasons of the show have been broadcast. For the premiere of season 13 on July 16, 2018, she was added to the cast alongside Gina Kirschenheiter. She has now been a significant part of the program for two consecutive years.

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