Chelsea Houska Body Transformation

“Chelsea Houska’s Incredible Body Transformation: Before and After Photos”

Chelsea DeBoer is a well-known figure in the business. She first appeared on reality TV when she was only 16 years old. Chelsea Houska, who was born in South Dakota, got pregnant when she was 16.

Chelsea Houska Deboer from Teen Mom 2 has been showing off her new figure and weight loss on her Instagram account lately. She quit school and became famous on the MTV shows Pregnant and Teen Mom 2. This article tells you about Chelsea Deboer’s age, height, parents, husband, weight loss, and more.

Chelsea Houska’s biography

Chelsea Houska Body Transformation

Chelsea DeBoer was born in Vermillion, South Dakota, on August 29, 1991. Randy and Mary Kniep Houska are the parents of DeBoer. Chelsea Anne Houska was a senior in high school in South Dakota. She was from Vermillion. She was a popular softball player who quit school when her boyfriend, Adam, got her pregnant.

Chelsea had a hard time being pregnant. She gave birth five weeks early on the first day of her senior year. She had a daughter, whose name is Aubree Skye Lind.

Chelsea’s family, especially her father Randy, is a strong support system for her. After her daughter Aubree is born, Chelsea goes back to school online to finish her degree. After getting her GED and starting beauty school, Chelsea got a part-time job in a salon and then went to cosmetology school to become a Beautician.

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Weight Loss Journey

Hot mama! Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska has had four children over the years, but she has stuck to her workout routine and healthy eating habits.

Even though it’s hard with three kids, the Teen Mom star said she sticks to a strict exercise routine. In 2013, Houska posted a rare picture of herself in a bikini on Instagram.

The picture showed off her tanned and fit body. In May 2015, the former star of 16 and Pregnant showed off how much she had improved her fitness by posing in a two-piece. “I decided to add a little more cardio to my routine,” Houska wrote on Instagram in March of that year about how she worked out.

Chelsea loves CrossFit and has been going to CrossFit and Weightlifting about twice a week for years. Chelsea also likes to do kickboxing, which she says helped her lose weight and feel better about herself.

She has been open with her fans about mental health issues, and she says that a good kickboxing session always makes her feel better and ready to take on any problem.

She also has a diet plan. She got one-on-one coaching when she joined forces with a company called Profile. She also says that this is where she learned to stop eating junk food and make better food choices.

She lost 50 pounds by making these changes to her diet and way of life.

The person who knows a lot about fixing up homes went back to Instagram to share an important message about bodies after giving birth. “Three weeks postpartum,” she wrote next to a picture of her body after having her fourth child. “Trying to embrace the process and write about it. Our bodies are pretty amazing, to be honest.

Also, People are all different. Don’t compare your body and journey after giving birth to someone else’s.”

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Personal Life

Chelsea Houska Body Transformation


In 2014, Cole and Chelsea met at a gas station in South Dakota. In 2014, Chelsea and Cole began dating. She said that it was hard for her to say hello in person, but that he found her on social media a few days later.

In 2016, they got married. Cole asked the love of his life to marry him in 2015 after getting approval from Chelsea’s daughter Aubree, who is the most important person in her life.

In 2009, she had her first daughter, but her relationship with the baby’s father didn’t work out. She got married to Cole Deboer, and they have three kids together, Watson Cole (2017), Layne Ettie (2018), and Walker June (2021).

Chelsea said on the MTV show that Cole had asked Aubree if he could marry Chelsea’s mother. She said yes right away and gave him a bear hug when he asked her out. Cole has done a great job as Aubree’s stepfather, even though he is not her real father.


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