Are Mya and Oliver Still Together?

“From Rumors to Reality: The Truth About Mya and Oliver’s Relationship Status!

In the Bravo reality series Summer House, old friends get together on the weekends at a summer house to relax and unwind from their hectic lives. Fans found something wholesome in season 6 by supporting Mya Allen and Oliver Grey despite all the drama and controversy.

The audience cheered as Mya decided to give dating another shot, and they were interested in seeing if Oliver would be able to win her heart. The 31-year-old thought Lindsay’s charge was ridiculous, but maybe you’re wondering whether it was a sign of trouble in paradise for Mya and Oliver.

What’s the status of the Summer House pair today? Our current understanding looks like this. If you are curious as to how the two are doing right now, you may want to keep reading since we may have some insight for you.

Are Mya and Oliver Still Together?

Not at all. Mya Allen and Oliver are not dating. According to Mya, they were only having a fling and weren’t dating or seriously interested in each other. Since they haven’t said differently, we have to assume that their platonic friendship hasn’t developed into something more serious between the two of them. Nonetheless, they may still be within the parameters of the deal they made.

Are Mya and Oliver Still Together?

Mya did share an Instagram story on Oliver’s birthday after the season finale. They were sitting face to jowl at a bar, grinning for the camera. She put “HBD” in the caption and 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” played in the background. It’s unlikely that they’re dating, though, because they don’t follow each other on Instagram.

Not to mention, Mya’s commitment troubles could have been a factor. She commemorated his birthday after the show with an Instagram story. They were seen together in a bar, cheeks touching as they sat close. The only comment she made was “HBD.” as 50 cent’s “In Da Club” played in the background.

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Mya and Oliver’s Summer House Journey

Mya left her job as a restaurant consultant to launch a cookie business and blog of her own. Yet Oliver, her New York-born beau, who runs a nonprofit helping people of color, does the opposite. In the past, Mya has been in committed relationships, including a five-year engagement during which she worked as a chef.

Are Mya and Oliver Still Together?

She stopped going on dates after that terrible ending, and she has serious commitment issues as a result. Danielle, a friend of Mya’s, arbitrarily chose to introduce her to a potential suitor. She was Mya’s good friend, therefore she knew that Mya wouldn’t like the notion of going out with someone new.

As a result, Danielle set up an in-person meeting between Oliver Gray and Lindsay Hubbard by inviting Oliver to Lindsay’s birthday party. Mya found his easygoing demeanor endearing, and the two of them clearly had chemistry. Oliver’s aversion to white condiments was just one of the wacky topics they discussed.

Are Mya and Oliver Still Together?

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At season 6’s reunion show, host Andy Cohen pressed Mya for information about their romance until she broke down and confessed. She scored her date a perfect 10 and joked about the minor argument they had about condiments. She assured everyone that she was still with Oliver and that he was very much a part of her life.

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