Are Molly And Kelly Still Together

Are Molly Hopkins And Kelly Brown From ’90 Day Fiance’ Still Together In 2023?

The TLC television series “90 Day Fiancé” focuses on cross-border marriages between US citizens and foreign nationals. The K-1 visa, which is issued by the USA, gives foreigners 90 days on American territory to get married, giving most couples little time to resolve their concerns.

It is intriguing to see individuals negotiate turbulent relationships for the sake of love.  First appearing on the spinoff series “90 Day: The Single Life,” which focuses on original program cast members who had broken relationships, were Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown.

Before the two clicked and started dating, Kelly apparently entered Molly’s life through her Instagram DMs. We can tell you if Molly and Kelly are still dating if you want to know! Keep reading to find out everything we know about Molly and Kelly’s current relationship status in 2023.

Are 90-Day Fiances Molly and Kelly Still Together?

As Per February 2023 Reports, Molly Hopkins and Kelly from the 90-Day Fiance couple breakup in November 2022. Molly’s manager, Dominique Enchinton, owner of Dominion Talent House, exclusively revealed: “Closer to Thanksgiving 2022, Molly thought it was best for her to stop her relationship with Kelly due to unhealthy tensions, obstacles, and weird aggressive conduct.

Are Molly and Kelly Still Together?

“Several of these issues were becoming more evident and common, both in private and in public settings. These worries surfaced soon after Kelly retired and moved to Georgia to be closer to Molly. Following the announcement of their breakup, Kelly fuelled more rumors about his split from the TLC celebrity by publishing an email from Molly’s daughter Olivia dated November 14, 2022.

On February 2, 2023, he posted a screenshot of an email with the comment, “This is what I had to deal with when I relocated to Georgia. Yet they’ll portray it as innocent. In the screenshot, Olivia accused him of being a “spoiled person,” asserted that she would be “more successful” than him, and concluded by using a racist epithet.

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Molly and Kelly from 90 Day Fiance: Did They Split?

However, after Molly and her best friend Cynthia Decker had a falling out in November 2022, some fans believe Kelly and the businesswoman also lost their friendship. A month later, Kelly unfollowed Molly on Instagram, leading to speculation that the couple had broken up.

Kelly Brown exchanged multiple cryptic messages regarding “toxic” relationships, according to screenshots that blogger Merry Pants reproduced. The quotation stated, “When it comes to wants and needs, there is a difference between settling and prioritizing in relationships.”

When 80% is available, settling is accepting 20% of it. Giving your all in a relationship is impractical since it leads to expecting perfection from someone who was made to be flawed, according to another. Fans of TLC also noticed that the couple separated for the 2022 holidays.

Molly and Kelly’s 90 Day: The Single Life Journey

Early in the first season of “90 Days: The Single Life,” Molly Hopkins introduced Kelly Brown and explained how the Brooklyn, New York, police officer got in touch with her via Instagram after watching her on “90 Day Fiancé.” Initially, Molly’s stint on the main show was successful; she even got married to her Dominican Republic-born fiancé Luis Mendez.

Are Molly and Kelly Still Together?

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce after around six months as a result of their relationship being strained “with no possibility of reconciliation.” Molly was first concerned that Kelly might be the father of the kid, but her boyfriend quickly put her at ease by promising to treat her better than her ex.

Although Kelly admitted he wasn’t the child’s father, he did say he wanted to have kids with Molly. The pair appeared to come to an understanding, though, after Molly told him that she was not looking forward to having children. Molly was first concerned that Kelly might be the father of the kid, but her boyfriend quickly put her at ease by promising to treat her better than her ex.

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Where Are Molly And Kelly Now?

Six singles from the first season of the show will star in “90 Day Fiance: The Single Life,” according to a Discovery announcement. The gang was followed as they attempted to find love once more while releasing baggage from the previous season.

Dating coaches, apps, events, relatives, and friends will all be able to assist them. This episode’s first segment focuses on domestic romances and highlights characters who have previously established themselves on the program.

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