During Kelly Ripa’s First Solo Trip with Mark Consuelos in 25 Years, She Learned a Lot About Herself.

Kelly Ripa Shares What She Realized After First Trip Alone with Mark Consuelos in 25 Years

During their new performance getaway, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos received significant recognition. As a mother of three, the 51-year-old TV character reveals to ET’s Rachel Smith what it was like to travel without kids for more than two decades without precedent.

“You realize that your children really have been involving the weight of time when you’re on holiday together without precedent for 25 years without kids,” Ripa said. With the opportunity to carve out a niche for ourselves, we decided to do so.

Michael, 25, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 19, Are All Under the Care of Ripa and Consuelos

Kelly Ripa Shares What She Realized After First Trip Alone with Mark Consuelos in 25 Years

As a result of people assuming that she and her partner were worn out from their recent climb, she said of the Via Ferrata: “I was like, ‘Sounds risky.’ And Mark was like, ‘How about we pull out all the stops.,'” she said.

The encounter, which Ripa likened to couples therapy on Instagram, had its share of challenges. Despite this, Ripa joked, “we got lost in the forest and we were debating the way in which we planned to appear on Dateline at last” When Keith Morrison says our names on television, we’ll have achieved our goal.

Now that she’s returned from her trip, Ripa’s attention is focused on Generation Gap, the new game show she’s facilitating for Jimmy Kimmel.

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Kelly Ripa Shares What She Realized After First Trip Alone with Mark Consuelos in 25 Years

“I’ve seen this show while I was in my twenties.” In my own family, I have parents who are maturing and children who know so little about one another’s ages that it’s stunning and occasionally amazing,” Ripa added before explaining how the show will work.

‘Fundamentally, you’re asking [grandparents] questions that only their grandchildren should know, and you’re asking grandchildren questions that only their grandparents should know,’ she added.

“The funniest reactions are the ones that aren’t allowed.” Although some of the reactions are unintentionally amusing, the right ones are breathtaking.”

Ripa doesn’t think she’d be a great contender on the program even if she did make it to the finals. At home, in my bathroom, I can play Jeopardy! flawlessly.” “If you put me in front of those lights and on that set with a bell in my hand, I would falter,” she admitted. “I know every response.”

Because of their tight relationship with their grandparents, her children would perform very well on the show, she believes. “I suppose all of my children would do wonderfully.” She was surprised by how much they knew about her parents and her parents-in-ages. law’s “My ancestors aren’t going to fare well,” I said.

Not only does it have stars who are well-known to one or both ages of viewers, but it also has a family component. Is it possible to have a celebrity who has been around for a long time? There are two Ryan Seacrest’s in Ripa’s Live With Kelly and Ryan.

However, the TV character’s appearance didn’t exactly go off without a hitch.” A response was given away.” Because the legal counsel wanted to contact him, he paused production for 45 minutes,” Ripa commented. “I looked at him and said, ‘I won’t ever pardon you for this,'” he added. “I’ll show up at every American Idol audition and make everyone’s day a misery.”

ABC’s Age Gap premieres July 7. You can see more of ET’s meeting with Ripa on the Wednesday program of Entertainment Tonight.


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