Disenchantment Season 5: Release Date Status: Everything You Need to Know!

Disenchantment Season 5

Netflix has just released four new episodes of Matt Groening’s adult-oriented comedy series Disenchantment, which is sure to make you laugh out loud. But what about the fifth season of Disenchantment? Find out by continuing to read!

When it comes to gut-busting animated shows geared at mature audiences, Netflix has become a force to be reckoned with. Some of Netflix’s best-loved comedy shows include: Big Mouth; Paradise PD; F is for Family; and of course, Disenchantment.

Bean, Elfo, and Luci’s travels in Disenchantment are never dull, thanks to their hilarious pranks and surprising turns. At its best, The Simpsons meet Game of Thrones is a crazy voyage through a fun-filled fantasy universe that is beautifully told in the first four seasons of the well-crafted cartoon.

However, many viewers are wondering if the show will be renewed after the fourth season. Fans can find out everything they need to know about Disenchantment season 5 right here on one page.

Disenchantment Season 5 Release Date

Disenchantment Season 5

Even while Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement about the show’s renewal just yet, we can certainly expect an announcement in the next few months now that part four has been completed.

There is often a one-year hiatus between each series, with the third and fourth episodes being released in January 2021 and February 2022, respectively. There is a good chance it will return in early 12 February 2023 based on this information.

Keep an eye on this page for any new information about the release date of part five.

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Disenchantment Season 5 Cast

This season’s Disenchantment characters may be voiced by the same actors who voiced them in previous seasons. Abbi Jacobson plays Bean in the movie (Instagram). Eric André provides the voices of Pendergast and Luci. Finally, John DiMaggio takes on the role of King Zg.

In the fourth episode, Tress MacNeille portrays Bonnie Prince Derek and Queen Oona. Elfo is portrayed by Nat Faxon, a British actor.

Matt Berry plays Matt Berry, Maurice LaMarche plays Oval, and Sharon Horgan plays Queen Dagmar. Aside from that, the already impressive voice cast might get even better if other plotlines are investigated.

Disenchantment Season 5 Plot

Disenchantment Season 5

After conquering an evil dream version of herself (by gruesomely decapitating her), Bean was tossed into the sea by her mother Dagmar in Part 4. Fortunately, Bean’s mermaid love interest Mora looks to have saved her yet again.

Bean’s relationship with the mystery fish lady, as well as her continuous battle with Dagmar, will likely be explored in greater depth in part five, which already looks promising.

Bean’s newfound abilities, which were hinted at a few times in part four, will likely be explored further in this episode.

During the course of the series, we witnessed her repair her father Zg’s arm simply by waving her hand over it, and in the conclusion, she demonstrated her mastery of the Force by firing lightning from her fingertips.

Although she can only accomplish this in her dreams, we’re confident that she’ll soon be able to do it in the real world as well.

After escaping from the mad asylum, King Zg is once again on a journey outside of the realm of Dreamland. To save Ursula, Jasper, Derek, Freckles, and Oval from a Steamland freak show where they were all caught and placed on display, he’ll most likely be on a rescue mission.

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Disenchantment Season 5 Trailer

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