Diabolik Lovers Season 3 Release Date: When Is The New Season Coming Out?

diabolik lovers season 3

Fans of Diabolik Lovers Season 3 have been excitedly anticipating the release of this third season. In the case of mystery horror anime, there is an unhealthy fascination with the medium among its followers.

The Japanese television series Diabolik Lovers, also known as Diaborikku Ravzu in Japanese, is about a couple who fall in love with demons. On October 11, 2012, Sony released a new version of the game for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) platform, which was based on the intuitive development of the game.

As a result of the game’s first release, it was converted into a manga series, which was then followed by an anime series a year later. When the first episode of the primary anime television series, “Akira,” aired on September 16, 2013, it was an instant smash with the audience.

One of the most compelling aspects of the series was the fact that it was based on a video game, which was one of the primary reasons fans enjoyed it. Following the popularity of the first season, it was decided to produce a second season, which was released on September 24th, 2015. So, let’s get started reading about Diabolik Lovers Season 3 right away.

Diabolik Lovers Season 3 Has Been Renewed

This animated horror series is not based on a manga or a collection of short stories, as is the case with most other horror shows. The developers were inspired by a visual novel, sometimes known as an interactive fiction game. The combination of horror and romance worked well and was warmly received by the audience as a whole.

The anime’s first episode, on the other hand, was met with disapproval by critics. Zexcs Studios, on the other hand, was profitable. However, despite the negative reviews, they decided to continue with the second season on television.

Following the broadcast of the first season, the third season of the anime Diabolik Lovers was made available. It was likewise warmly welcomed, and the creators reaped the benefits of their efforts. The reviewers, on the other hand, were once again unimpressed.

In contrast to the first time, the creators decided not to renew it. It’s been five years since fans of the series have been waiting for the creators to give their approval.

diabolik lovers season 3

Release Date Of Diabolik Lovers Season 3

In the case of a video game franchise that has a television show, ratings are essentially meaningless. As long as the Diabolik Lovers franchise continues to create new games, there will always be new opportunities for them to advance.

As a result, fans should not give up hope and should keep a positive attitude toward the game. The Devil’s Lover’s last season, on the other hand, has been a long time in the making. Furthermore, there has been no official announcement from the producers regarding Diabolik Lovers Season 3.

Because of the pandemic, it is possible that the release will be postponed this year, but it is projected to be released in 2021. However, if the release date for this show is changed, we will make the necessary updates to this section.

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Storyline Of Diabolik Lovers Season 3

The plot of Diabolik Lovers revolves around six evil brothers and a young girl who is coerced into living among them. Yuri Komori is the main character of the series, and she is a high school student. Yui, despite the fact that she is a joyful and cheerful young lady, gets extremely disturbed when she begins to encounter ghostly and poltergeist-like phenomena.

In her second year of high school, Yui is transferred to a night school due to the nature of her father’s employment. There is speculation that vampires reside among the students at the school, and Yui is reluctant to believe this.

As directed by her father, she moves in with the six Sakamaki siblings in an isolated mansion in the mountains. Shuu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito, and Subaru, on the other hand, have no notion that their six siblings are vampires, as they have no idea who their parents are. When Yui finally arrives at the estate, the Sakamaki brothers are surprised by her wish to live with them. Yui’s desire to live with them is a source of contention between the brothers. The brothers swiftly come to the conclusion that Yui will serve as their “sacrificial wife,” and that they will use her for various sexual gratifications in the future.

Among those who are perplexed as to why their father has brought them to the mansion are Yui, who becomes uncomfortable in the mansion and with her brothers, particularly when she begins to experience strange chest pains.

While Yui attempts to run, she is arrested by her brothers, marking the beginning of her new and horrific life. Sakamaki brothers, one of whom is more ruthless than the other, have pledged to seize control of her for themselves. The events of their life unfold, and Yui finds herself in a weird state of craziness, sorrow, and joy.

Stranger and stranger things continue to happen to her as she becomes used to her new surroundings. She begins to experience bizarre nightmares, about which he has no understanding what they are about, and he becomes concerned. Nevertheless, after getting involved in a car accident, she receives a revelation on the purpose of his nightmares.

Before she can figure out what is going on, she comes across the four Mook brothers, who happen to be vampires as well. When Ruki, Azusa, Kou, and Yuuma meet Yui by chance, they kidnap her. Upon discovering that her blood is in high demand by the Mukami brothers, Yui comes to the conclusion that she is “Eve,” whose blood will be found by “Adam” among them at the Mukami residence.

The Mukami brothers intend to use Yui as a pawn in their global conquest plot, but it isn’t as straightforward as that. Upon Yui’s disappearance, it is revealed that the Sakamaki brothers are on the prowl for the Mukami brothers and will stop at nothing to reclaim her so that they can carry out their evil schemes.

Cast Of Diabolik Lovers Season 3

According to the show’s creators, the Diabolik Lovers Season 3 cast has not yet been announced. In light of the plot’s development, the following characters appear to be plausible:

In this episode, Yui Komori, a 17-year-old girl, lives with her father. A unknown stranger has forced her to live in a mansion surrounded by vampires as a result of his actions. She serves as the series’ central character.

Sakamaki is the setting for all of the characters. The Sakamaki family is made up of six vampire siblings, and the first season is centred on them and their adventures. Shu Sakamaki, Reiji Sakamaki, Ayato Sakamaki, Kanato Sakamaki, Laito Sakamaki, Subaru Sakamaki, and Kino are the members of the Sakamaki family.

The Mukami family is represented by all of the characters. The Mukami are a vampire family consisting of four siblings who first appear in the second season of the television series. Ruki Mukami, Kou Mukami, Yuma Mukami, and Azusa Mukami are the four members of the Mukami family.

If a third season of Diabolik Lovers is produced, we will almost certainly meet new characters.

IMDb Rating On Diabolik Lovers Season 3

The show has elicited a variety of reactions from viewers. Some people praised it, while others were dismissive of it. Therefore, it received a depressingly low rating of 5.2 out of 10.

Trailer Of Diabolik Lovers Season 3

The third season of Diabolik Lovers has not yet been released. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for the second season to get a better idea of the storey. We’ll notify you as soon as a new season three trailer is made available for viewing.

End Lines

Drama, action, and a sense of mystery throughout this series. The illustrations are stunning, and the characters are endearing. You will be mesmerised by the breathtaking scenery. In addition, the soundtrack is pretty engaging.

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