Date A Live is back with another season! Season 4 is confirmed!

Date A Live is back with another season! Season 4 is confirmed!

If you are a fan of anime, you’ll have heard of the Date A Live series. It started as a light novel by Tsunako, known for computer game design for several PlayStation projects, including 2013’s “Date A Live: Rinne Utopia”. Fans have also seen stories in five separate manga adaptations, feature films, spin-off light novels, and in fact anime. 

The primary “Date A Live” aired in 2013 is about Eurasia. The Eurasian continent has been devastated by “spatial sway”, the primary of which caused the deaths of many people. Thirty years later, it became clear that tremors occurred when ghosts from another dimension entered the important world. to prevent these tremors, someday the high school student’s aspirations must use his mysterious abilities to seal the facility of the spirits. But he can only do that by kissing the ghost, and he must confirm that the ghost loves him.

The anime adaptation was well received and lots of praised the animation, plots, actions, comedy, and fan service provided. Someone has reviewed “11/10 Story, 11/10 Art, 11/10 Comedy, 100/10 Kurumi” on the Crunchyroll website under the name Katsui Tokisaki. It’s clear that fans are able to see more of their adventures with ghosts, especially walnuts known to be the foremost dangerous. Everything you recognize about Season 4 deserves the title “Date A Live IV”. Future light novel spoilers.

Official release date

In March, the official Twitter account for the anime revealed that “Date A Live” is entering its fourth season. within the “Super Important Announcement”, there was also a teaser visual with Shido and his spiritual (and love) companion, Yadogami (also referred to as Tenka within the opposite form). Once translated, Tweets confirms that a replacement season will air during the 2021 anime lineup in October of this year. 

It isn’t yet known exactly when the season will air, but the news hasn’t stopped the thrill and sway of countless fans. it’s going to also be available on Crunchyroll’s anime streaming site. Much of Crunchyroll’s content is for premium members only, but non-premium members do not have to stress. Seasons one to three of “Date A Live” (and certainly Season 4) are accessible to all or any anime fans who want to start out or watch.

What will happen next?

Unfortunately, there’s no information about what the Season 4 storyline will appear as. However, since the previous season was supported light novels (animations from season 3 to volume 13), we will assume that a minimum of the subsequent five volumes will apply: those that read the source material can expect to satisfy Nia Honjo and Hoshimiya Skeleton. 

The 9th and 10th spirits that the lions try to fascinate, the battle between the lions and therefore the skeleton that creates it difficult for the possessive to seal their power, Kurumi Tokizaki who longs for the mysterious ability of evil return intentions. Eventually, he confesses his intentions to a lover of Shido’s Spirits. 

In any case, not only fans who love Kōshi Tachibana’s and Tsunako’s work, but also fans who are just watching anime are going to be very excited to ascertain what they will expect from their favorite characters.


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