Cole Sprouse On The "Extremely Heartbreaking" Split With Ex-"Riverdale" Co-Star Lili Reinhart!

Cole Sprouse On The “Extremely Heartbreaking” Split With Ex-“Riverdale” Co-Star Lili Reinhart!

Sprouse claims that he and Reinhart didn’t have “the distance to fully transcend” their split because they were working together on the CW show. Cole Sprouse is speaking publicly for the first time about his breakup with Lili Reinhart, his co-star on the CW’s Riverdale.

In an interview for the Call Her Daddy podcast released on Wednesday, the 30-year-old actor said their breakup in 2020 was “very terrible for both of us.” It was impossible to put aside how we really felt for each other, he told host Alex Cooper, and that made it hard to focus on work.

And it didn’t give us the breathing room to fully get past it. I know we both caused a lot of harm to each other,” he continued. This newfound friendship between us is fantastic. We’ve reached a point where we can collaborate effectively.

Cole Sprouse On The "Extremely Heartbreaking" Split With Ex-"Riverdale" Co-Star Lili Reinhart!

After being linked in 2017, Cole Sprouse and Reinhart, then 26 years old, dated on and off for a while. Although they kept their relationship discreet, Sprouse revealed that they had broken up in August 2020. Sprouse had already stated his desire for Lili Reinhart‘s continued happiness in the future.

The couple “first separated in January of this year, then decided to move permanently split in March,” he wrote on Instagram. What an amazing opportunity I had, I’m so grateful for the chance to fall in love. Nothing except love and happiness for her in the future is all I wish for her.

All I’ll say about it is that, and whatever else you hear, doesn’t matter,” Sprouse continued. The release of her film is also imminent. I have no doubt that she will be fantastic in it, as she is in everything she does. Much thanks. Sprouse dated French-Canadian model Ari Fournier after his breakup with his previous girlfriend.

I will say the current relationship I am in has woken me up to what real chemistry and trust looks like at a level that I’ve never had before,” Sprouse said of his new love on Call Her Daddy. This, he continued, was the first relationship in which he felt able to remark, “Damn, like, I have actual trust here.”

Cole Sprouse On The "Extremely Heartbreaking" Split With Ex-"Riverdale" Co-Star Lili Reinhart!

Sprouse, who lost his virginity on a trip to Florida when he was 14 years old, discussed his status as a “serial monogamist” on the show. The years of “that sort of debate around my recognizability” had made it difficult for him to connect with others, he said. I never considered myself a “one-night stand kind of guy.”

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