Bachelor Recap: Zach Makes 'Hardest Decision' Yet After Hometown Dates

After the “Bachelor” Hometown Dates, Zach Shallcross Says He Has to Make “The Hardest Choice I’ve Ever Had to Make.”

Warning: This section covers information about Monday’s episode of The Bachelor.

Even though the home is where the heart is, not every family Zach Shallcross met during their hometowns made him feel welcome.

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Zach, who is 26, met Gabi, Ariel, Charity, and Kaity’s families. He did this to learn more about his possible future wives and their families.


Zach first went to Vermont to visit Gabi. They started the day by tapping a maple tree and tasting three maple syrups and one that wasn’t maple syrup. Zach had to figure out which one wasn’t maple syrup.

“Is our love fraudulent? I don’t know if he can’t taste it “Gabi, who is 26 years old, laughed during an interview. No matter what it means for how they feel about each other, Zach said that the fake maple syrup was the best. “Oh, my God!” Gabi said. “You just shot me.”

Even so, Gabi and Zach made out in the woods before Gabi’s family saw them.

The couple told Gabi’s siblings and parents about their travels around the world so far when they sat down with them. Then Evan, Gabi’s older brother, pulled Zach aside and asked, “What are your real plans with the account executive?”

Bachelor Recap: Zach Makes 'Hardest Decision' Yet After Hometown Dates

Zach said, “When I got to know Gabi, I felt comfortable enough with her that when we spent time together and I looked her in the eyes, I thought, wow, you’re someone I could see myself having a future with.” “There’s no question in my mind about that.”

Evan told Zach, “It’s clear that Gabi likes you.” He kept going, “Gabi already has a lot to gain from her putting herself out there. That’s not normal at all.”

Gabi told her sister that she “could fall in love with Zach soon,” and she told her father the same thing.

Zach talked to Gabi’s mom and asked her, “What can I do to help her the most?” She told Zach that Gabi is looking for someone “who can probably help her feel grounded and safe.” Zach promised, “I’ll always do what’s best for your daughter.”

Gabi felt like the meeting went well. At the end of the night, she told Zach, “I can see a future with you more than I ever have.” She also cried when she thought she wouldn’t see him for a week because he had three more hometown dates. “Trust us,” Zach told them.

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Then, Zach went to New York City to see Ariel, her family, and her friends. The two of them started their day with a food tour. At a Jewish deli, they tried pizza and pastrami sandwiches.

“Carbs are so good,” Zach told Ariel, who was 28 at the time.

Then Ariel took him to a coffee shop that was actually a bar. Ariel told Zach about her family’s immigration story while they were drinking espresso martinis. Her parents came to the United States to avoid being persecuted because of their religion. So, Ariel is an American born to immigrants.
Ariel took Zach to a Brooklyn winery to meet her parents and brother Bobby. She and Zach talked about the time they went on a date together in Estonia and met a naked couple in the sauna.

Bobby talked to Zach and asked the senior account executive why Ariel should choose him. Zach paused before saying, “I have a pretty big heart, and the person I end up with at the end of this has my whole heart, and I will do anything under the sun to make that clear.”

Bachelor Recap: Zach Makes 'Hardest Decision' Yet After Hometown Dates

Zach also said, “I think I can cook pretty well.”

Bobby was curious about how Zach thought Ariel’s Jewish family would fit in with his. “Families will make it work if two people really love each other,” Zach said. Bobby kept asking Zach questions about Ariel, like if he knew her birthday or middle name. (He didn’t.)

“How well do you know someone if you don’t know their birthday?” Bobby asked.

Zach disagreed. He said, “I think if you love someone and feel that way, why not spend the rest of your relationship or the rest of your life together to get to know the little things?” Ariel also tried to tell her brother that she loved Zach. Ariel said, “When you look at someone, you can just tell if you have chemistry with them or not.”

Zach was asked another hard question when Ariel’s dad asked him why he chose Ariel over the other three women. “My family has never asked me so many questions,” Ariel told Zach afterward.

The marketing executive also told Zach that she liked him. “I’m falling for you for sure,” Ariel told Zach. He kissed her in return.


Zach then took a plane to Columbus, Georgia, to visit Charity and her family.

In an interview, Charity, who is 26 years old, said, “It’s safe to say I’m falling for him.” Dad of Charity David liked Zach at first, but he was careful about it. David told the cameras, “They look great together, but she’s my little girl.”

The therapist told her friends and siblings that she and Zach “were on the path” to falling in love. “He’s been very honest, which is something I really need and respect a lot,” Charity said. One of her friends was curious about how she’d feel if Zach didn’t choose her.

“Will it be easy if I’m not the person he picks in the end? Most likely not, “Charity was allowed. “In fact, it won’t be easy, and not just probably. I’m willing to take the chance.”

Bachelor Recap: Zach Makes 'Hardest Decision' Yet After Hometown Dates

While that was going on, one of Charity’s brothers asked Zach how things were going with the other women.

Zach said, “Right now, I’m putting everything into separate boxes as best I can because I want to put Charity’s “best intentions first.” Still, Charity’s brother told her not to do it. He said, “There are other women in this.”

Charity told her mom that she liked Zach but didn’t want to tell him because she was “scared.”

“It’s very important to be able to express it and say those words,” her mom said. So, she did that after Charity and Zach went line dancing. Charity told Zach, “I really think I’m falling in love.”

Zach told the cameras that it was “amazing” to hear Charity say what she did.

“When she says that, it makes my heart skip a beat and gives me a lot of hope for what we could be in the end,” he said.

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Zach met Kaity in Austin, where he lives, for his last home date. Kaity, who is 27, just moved to the city in Texas, so she asked Zach to help her get settled. Zach and Kaity went grocery shopping and got some flowers before setting up some furniture at her place.

In an interview, Kaity said, “There’s no doubt that I’m falling in love with Zach.” Later, when they met Kaity’s family, the ER nurse told them about how she and Zach had their first date at the museum.

Zach said that he and Kaity got along “right away.”

Bachelor Recap: Zach Makes 'Hardest Decision' Yet After Hometown Dates

When Kaity and her mom were alone, she told her, “I feel really good about Zach.” She knew her daughter and Zach knew each other. “I could tell from the way she looked at you that she really liked you,” Kaity’s mom told him.

She was curious about whether Zach loved Kaity. Even though he didn’t want to say the word “love,” Zach insisted, “I can definitely see myself falling in love with her.”

Kaity went back to her mom to find out what she thought about Zach. She told him, “He checks all the boxes for you.” “No question about it. If that’s what you want, I would support this going forward in every way.”

Once her mother gave her the OK, Kaity was sure she could move forward with Zach.

After the family meeting, she told him, “I can see you in my family.” “And I think that makes it easy for me to say that I’m falling in love with you.”


Zach told former Bachelor Sean Lowe about his four hometown dates before he chose who to send home.

Zach said at the beginning of the rose ceremony, “I have to make a hard choice tonight, and someone has to go home.” “I want you to know that my decision is based only on what feels right to me about our relationship.”

Zach gave roses to Ariel, Kaity, and Gabi, which was his way of telling Charity “goodbye.” Before Charity left, Zach told her, “I hope you know from the bottom of my heart that this is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.” “All day I’ve felt sick to my stomach.”

Bachelor Recap: Zach Makes 'Hardest Decision' Yet After Hometown Dates

The charity was crying because of the breakup.

“Obviously, coming here and putting my heart on the line was a big risk,” she said. “And I knew from the first night when you spoke and I realized it was you, that this experience was going to be something amazing. It’s definitely bittersweet.”

Zach said, “You deserve all the love.” I wasn’t able to give it to you. Charity then wished Zach good luck and left.

Charity told the cameras, “It burns because it doesn’t make sense.” “It doesn’t make any goddamn sense to me.”

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