5 Celebrities That Like to Play in Casinos

5 Celebrities That Like to Play in Casinos

It’s no secret that celebrities like to indulge in the high life. Some buy fast cars, elegant homes and take vacations in the most decadent places in the world. While others like to spend their free time on exciting and high-risk activities such as gambling.

Playing online casino games on a site such as 888 online casino or going to a land-based casino in Las Vegas, might be an exhilarating experience not only for you but celebrities alike. And it’s no surprise that many celebrities also chase the high of quickly doubling their money while spending quality time with their friends. However, does your favourite celebrity also like to gamble?

This article will look at five celebrities that like to play in casinos and what some of their favourite games are. So keep reading to learn more.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is one of the biggest A-list celebrities across the pond. When he’s not in commercials trying to get you into buying Bitcoin crypto, he’s in the Bourne Legacy, America’s answer to James Bond, the Martian, and Good Will Hunting, delivering a world-class performance. Furthermore, Matt is also an avid professional poker and blackjack player who likes to play whenever his schedule allows.

His love for gambling started via a role, as many things with celebrities begin. Matt played Mike in Rounders, a character who dreamt of winning the world series of poker. And in true Matt Damon fashion, he enlisted the help of Johnny Chan, one of the best poker players in the world, to train him.

To cut a long story short, the movie was a massive success, and Matt never looked back. He got really good at poker and blackjack and has been playing the games ever since. In addition, Matt frequents big casinos around the world and even takes part in high-key tournaments.

Brad Pitt

Another A-list celebrity who has stared in everything from Mr $ Miss Smith, Furry, and World War Z, just to name a few, is Brad Pitt. He is no stager to Las Vegas red carpet events and many people around the world. And just like Matt Damon, he got into gambling through a movie role in a little movie you might have heard of called Ocean’s Eleven.

The movie involved other A-list celebrities like George Clooney, who’s also an avid gambler. In the film, Brad and the rest of his crew had to rob a casino but first needed to stake it out by playing on the floor. This was his introduction to gambling and when he learned how to play the games.

It seems that Brad was bitten by the same gambling bug that bit matt. Brad likes playing Poker, blackjack, and the occasional online slots. Furthermore, Brad says he enjoys the adrenaline rush he experiences while playing and will probably keep indulging for as long as his faculties let him.

Curtis Jackson

Curtis Jackson, or as you might know him, 50 Cent, is an A-list celebrity with his hands in different cookie jars. This entrepreneurial spirit is an artist with 14 Grammy nominations and is a one-time winner. He has starred in films such as Get Rich or Die Trying, Den of Thieves, and Escape Plan alongside movie stars like Silvester Stalon, Bruce Willis, and many more. In addition, he produces his own shows, including Power and BMF.

Furthermore, 50 Cent is also a gambler and a lucky one at that. He is known to visit casinos occasionally and place big bets on events he cares about. For example, when his former friend, Floyd Mayweather, had a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao, 50 Cent placed a two million bet that he won. 50 Cent also likes blackjack, and he’s probably a player you don’t want to be sitting across.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is no stranger to high the life. Her family owns and operates the Paris chain of hotels, which as you probably know are some of the best in the world. Paris has also had some public relationships that have ended in disaster; deejayed for a while, as well as starred in her own reality show.

As you would expect for a girl raised in hotels in Vegas and LA, Paris knows a thing or two about gambling. She is a frequent visitor to casinos and plays everything from blackjack, poker, slot machines, to baccarat. Legend has it that she once won more than $30,000 in a single night gambling in Vegas.

In addition to playing in casinos, Paris has confessed to playing online games when she does not feel like travelling.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is one of the best golf players to set foot on a course. He has won more green jackets than he would ever need in a cold winter in Alaska. However, when he’s not hitting a birdie or taking golf swings from his wife. He’s probably playing a blackjack game with some of his other successful friends.

Besides winning a lot of money for many people in the course of his career through betting, Woods has also won a few dollars gambling. He’s also no stranger to casino floors and high-stakes gambling tournaments, where he goes to feed his competitive spirit.

Unfortunately, earlier this year, Woods had to pull out of the PGA tour due to injury. However, we are confident he will spend most of his recovery time engaged in a blackjack game with his nurse.


Gambling is an exciting activity for all players, including the every day Jack to A-list celebrities. It provides entertainment and a chance to leave with more than you start with. However, just like everything in life, exercising modesty while gambling is highly advised, even for the wealthiest A-list celebrities.

Nonetheless, if you know your limits, understand your games well, and most importantly, enjoy playing. Allow yourself to indulge every once in a while, just like your favourite celebrities, and remember to visit casinos as much as you play online. You never know. You might run into a celebrity or two at a casino table.


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