Camila Cabello Replies to Criticism Over Her Performance in Which a Dancer Darkened His Skin Tone.

camila cabello controversy

For her new song ‘Don’t Go,’ Cabello said the dancer was intended to be white with a bad spray tan. Following complaints that one dancer’s complexion was blackened in a racially insensitive manner during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Camila Cabello has come out to defend herself.

For the performance of her new song “Don’t Go Yet,” the singer explained on Saturday that the dancer, Dylan Pearce, was “simply supposed to be a white male with an awful spray tan.” As she said on Twitter, “We intentionally endeavored to gather together a heterogeneous bunch of artists.

The idea was not that everyone in the performance has to be Latin.” “Latinos aren’t the only ethnic group in the world; there are also whites, African Americans, and so on. Quite a few of the audience members are not.”

Aside from a white male with a bad orange spray tan, the goal was to have everyone appear as an over-the-top 80s character, as seen in the video, according to Cabello.

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In addition, she shared a screenshot of Pearce’s Instagram Stories, in which he could be seen dressed up for a performance. “In case you missed my spray tan on @jimmyfallon with @camila Cabello last night,” he captioned the photo. ”

Lisa Katni, the stylist who worked on the music video for “Don’t Go Yet,” uploaded a photo of Pearce to defend her style.

camila cabello controversy

“People who messaged me worried about this character should know that his artificial tan is awful. Using light concealer over his eyes, the makeup artist conveyed this sentiment “Read the text, “Perhaps it needed to be lighter in order to be more noticeable.

Not even close to blackface. In any event, I apologize if it appeared as such to anyone.” Criticism of Cabello’s racially charged behavior was not swayed by the singer’s justifications, as many pointed to her previous controversies as evidence.

Her previous Tumblr posts, which contained racist humor, reappeared in 2019 and she declared earlier this year that she had attended racial healing workshops. Healing Justice Project was also founded by her, which gave funds to 10 BIPOC and LGBT organizations.

“As a last resort, you should at least apologize to the people who were upset by your actions. feeling let down smh “Only one person took the time to tweet about it.

Pearce described his costume on stage by using an emoji of a Black woman.


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