“Break My Soul” By Beyoncé Is Evidence that The Great Resignation “has Entered Into the Culture,” According to Labor Economists.

Beyoncé's Break My Soul Inspires People to Quit Jobs

The Great Resignation is part of the current cultural climate. Beyonce is more than happy to provide proof.

In her new single, “Break My Soul,” the Grammy-winning singer speaks to the widespread dissatisfaction among American workers, which has contributed to a record-high number of people abandoning their employment. Renaissance, her seventh studio album, will be released on July 29th. This is the first single from it.

The Great Resignation labor trend began in spring 2021, about the time the U.S. economy was reopening more broadly after its pandemic-era slowdown, and Beyonce’s devotion to quitting your work is the newest cultural reference.

Since then, Americans have utilized TikTok, a social media platform, to announce their resignations from their employment in videos known as “Quit-Toks.” Reddit users have recounted their tales of resignation and resignation via text message on a popular Reddit thread.

According to Indeed economist Nick Bunker, “it’s been interesting the amount to which the phenomenon has crept into the zeitgeist.”

As Bunker put it, Beyonce’s song “is one example of a greater public awareness or discussion about people quitting their employment, which is reflective of what’s happening in the labor market and society.”

According to Reports, ‘Beyonce Wants Us to Quit Our Employment’

Beyoncé's Break My Soul Inspires People to Quit Jobs

‘Break My Soul’ topped the iTunes list on Tuesday, PopVortex reports. Queen Bey uses a powerful house rhythm to riff on burnout in the workplace in the song’s first verse:

As a result, I’ve quit my job and am going to look for another one. Damn, they work me so damn hard. Work by nine o’clock, then off past five o’clock, and they work my nerves. Beyonce uses a vocal sample from Big Freedia’s 2014 song “Explode” to reaffirm the theme:

Let go of resentment and stress, let go of your job and your time, let go of your trade, let go of your trade, let go of your love, and let go of everything else. On Tuesday, a number of fans took to social media to point out references to the Great Resignation.

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One Twitter user commented, “An hour into the work day and I see why Beyonce encouraged me to quit my job. ‘Beyonce is telling me to quit my full-time job and become a full-time streamer, and like, I might… just do it…?’ another tweeted.

“Beyonce encourages us to quit our jobs and make a living on our own terms,” Fiverr tweeted in response to the song’s lyrics. I’m sure you heard her, too.”

Fueling the Great Resignations Are Burnout and Low Pay

Beyoncé's Break My Soul Inspires People to Quit Jobs

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 47 million workers voluntarily left their jobs last year, setting a new record.

In 2022, the ferocious pace continued. More than 4.4 million people left their jobs in March, setting a new monthly record; a comparable number left their jobs in April, the most recent month for which federal data is readily available.

Associate professor Anthony Klotz, who created the trend’s moniker while teaching at Texas A&M, reportedly mentioned increasing burnout among workers as one of four pandemic-related variables causing increased levels of resignation.

Employees are reluctant to give up remote work since they’ve had a chance to review their objectives and values while working from home.


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