Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

Baseboard Cleaning Hacks: How To Cleaning Baseboards Is the Simplest Method!

We’ve got some more cleaning tips for you! I wanted to create an article specifically for BASEBOARDS because spring cleaning is in full gear.

I was overjoyed when we moved into our new house last year and saw the lovely white baseboards that ran the length of the house.

A little jig in my heart when I saw how they framed the flooring and walls. But we have three children, so that’s another factor. The two elder children are both boys and enjoy rough play.

Because of this, my baseboards have to take a battering when they slide across the room or fight each other when they enter the mudroom through the door. Those scuff marks are everywhere. The fact that we’re in this season of our lives is a blessing, and I’m grateful for it.

When they’re all grown up and out of the house, I won’t have any scuff marks to remind me of the good times we’ve had in this house together anymore. Ouch, enough gloom and get back to work!

Baseboard cleaning has been trending on Instagram recently, and I’m all for it as I’m in the market for a deep clean of my own. Cleaning hacks I’ve utilized in our home as well as ones I’ve found on apps like TikTok and Pinterest combine in this post.

Also, I’m running a 25-day Spring Cleaning Email Challenge that you can join for free — each day, I’ll give you an email full of housecleaning tips and tricks and three free printables that will help you squeeze in some extra time for spring cleaning despite your hectic schedule!

The Best Ways to Clean Baseboards

Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

Baseboard cleaning is certainly as enjoyable as doing laundry. Cleaning your house on a day when you don’t have to is never fun. Think of all the exciting things you could be doing, like shopping on Amazon Prime or binge-watching Netflix, instead of studying.

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Baseboard cleaning can’t possibly be this difficult.

When your baseboards are dirty, it gives your house an unappealing appearance. It’s imperative to locate a remedy that fully cleans them.

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How to Clean Baseboards Painted in White

Baseboards and other trim in many homes are painted with formulas designed to withstand the wear and tear they are subjected to on a daily basis.

Be aware that the appearance of your baseboards may be affected if you choose paint that is more durable and less likely to reveal dirt.

Glossy paints, for example, resist dirt and grime, are long-lasting and stand out more than flat paints. When it comes to cleaning your baseboards, it doesn’t matter what kind of paint you use, but it does require regular upkeep.


Vacuum the baseboards, the top ledge, and the top of the floor trim with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Make sure to pay special attention to small details, such as the corners and the point where the floor trim meets the wall.


Remove any remaining stains and buildup after removing the loose dirt and dust. Scrub away scuffs with a sponge soaked in a mixture of warm water and dish soap. To remove stains and other filth, you may need to use some elbow grease.


You can use a cotton swab to get into those hard-to-get places. Push and twist your swab into the corners and other hard-to-reach areas to remove dirt.


To eliminate the baseboard cleaning residue, moisten a clean microfiber cloth with warm water and wipe down the baseboards.


Use a fresh dryer sheet to clean the baseboards. Your baseboards will last longer if you finish this process with a barrier to keep dust and debris out.

Ten Minutes and You’ll Be Done with Your Baseboards

The baseboards of a home can easily become soiled with the accumulation of dust and pet hair. Baseboards near a doorway or high-traffic area are particularly vulnerable to scuffs and mud splashes from furniture and shoes.

Baseboards are one of those things we tend to overlook until they’re in desperate need of a good scrub. Professional baseboard cleaning is available if you are unable to do so yourself; rates range from $0.27 to $0.33 per linear foot.

Home cleaning companies frequently provide this service. In general, this is not an option for most people. The time it takes to clean baseboards is much less than you may expect.

Cleaning your baseboards on a regular basis will save you time and effort when dealing with tough stains. There is no need to spend more than five minutes a day cleaning the baseboards of every room.

The baseboards should be cleaned last after the rest of the room has been well cleaned. Because if you don’t, more dirt and dust will adhere to the boards, erasing all of your labor.

Remove the dust from your baseboards before you begin cleaning them. A portable duster or vacuum hose can be used for this. A thorough dusting will make it much easier to clean later.

To thoroughly clean the baseboards, it’s a good idea to remove any furniture that’s close to the wall. However, you don’t have to do this on a regular basis; only a few times a year will suffice.

Depending on the sort of baseboard you have, you’ll want to wash them differently. What material is it made of? Clean the baseboards with a moist cloth if in doubt. After sanding, immediately dry the boards.

To reach the baseboard’s corners and the area where it meets the floor, use a cotton swab. If you have a patterned or carved baseboard, you may need to dust and clean it a little more completely than if you have a plain baseboard.

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The Easiest Method for Cleaning Baseboards

Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

Cliche though that may seem, it’s true nonetheless. Keeping your baseboards clean is a cinch once you’ve restored them to their former glory.

Re-staining and sealing or repainting your baseboards may be necessary if your baseboards still don’t look their best after you’ve tried the cleaning methods listed above. Find out which trim paint is ideal for your baseboards before you put in all that time and effort.

Clean Your Baseboards and Other Trim the Easy Way with These Five Tips:

  • The Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean

Using these multipurpose and tough cleaning sponges, you can easily clean your baseboards on a regular basis. A pail of warm water and a few Magic Erasers are all you’ll need. If you’re painting baseboards, add dish soap to the solution.

Add distilled white vinegar to stained wood baseboards. You can use an eraser to clean the baseboards by dipping them into a pail and wringing it out.

  • Second, brooms and brushes

With a broom, you don’t have to bend down or crouch to clean your baseboards, which is convenient. Sweep or vacuum the floor beneath your baseboards to remove any accumulated dust. Baseboards and other trim can be cleaned more thoroughly with a new paintbrush.

  • A vacuum cleaner is also necessary

While a portable vacuum with an extension hose that can reach your baseboards is convenient, a normal vacuum with a brush and wand attachments will collect more dirt and debris.

Begin at the top of the baseboards and work your way down, using your vacuum’s brush attachment. Use your vacuum wand attachment to get into the nooks and crannies.

  • Wipes for babies are also included in this category

With baby wipes, you may quickly and easily clean up after your baby without having to use soap or water. Disposable wipes may be the answer if you need to clean up quickly. Disposable wipes can be used to clean baseboards, picture frames, and other surfaces in a pinch.

  • Sheets for the dryer

Your baseboards will be free of grime, dust, and pet hair after using fabric softener sheets. To keep your baseboards clean, they also leave behind a dust-repelling layer. It’s a good idea to use this simple baseboard cleaning technique on a regular basis, especially if you have dogs.

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