Are Vincent and Briana Still Together

Are Vincent and Briana Still Together? The Latest Update on Couple Love Story!

‘Married At First Sight’ on Lifetime puts a fresh spin on the typical dating reality show format. The suspense of the show comes from seeing if the couples’ connections, which were matched by professionals, flourish or fizzle out in the real world. Season 12 included many new faces, but Briana Myles and Vincent Morales stood out as particularly intriguing.

The chemistry between Vincent and Briana was palpable from the moment they met. Fans were united that they were destined to be together and that might be a lasting partnership, but was this hope warranted? Let’s take a trip through their history together and check in on the latest developments to find out what’s going on.

Are Vincent and Briana Still Together?

It’s true that Vincent Morales and Briana Miles are still very much together and even stronger than before. According to an interview with Briana, she received “positive vibes” from Vincent immediately upon meeting him. To me, a man’s attractiveness is increased if, like him, his family is wonderful. Not only did they have instant physical chemistry, but also an emotional one.

Are Vincent and Briana Still Together?

Vincent also emphasized how easy it was for the couple to get along. He explained, “I knew we were a good match the second we met. The process went without a hitch. The entire situation felt entirely normal. There was no force involved. Everything was fantastic, and we were having a great time.

From there, it soared. By July 2021, the couple had purchased the home in which they had always imagined starting a family. Sincere gratitude was expressed to the show’s experts for the insightful guidance that had allowed them to put aside their disagreements and fully embrace one another.

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Vincent and Briana Get Married on Their First Sight Journey

When 28-year-old engineer Briana initially appeared on the show, she was already well-established in her field. After a successful career as an auto broker, Vincent made her first appearance on the show when she was 27 years old. The upcoming wedding and initial meeting filled both parties with joy.

Briana stayed with her husband after he lost his grandma, and the couple’s closeness grew stronger as a result. While they had a fierce dispute, the couple swiftly resolved their differences. They made the decision to stay together for the long run, and their fans breathed a sigh of relief after Decision Day.

Vincent thanked Briana for accepting the gift of a cheesecake by offering to cut into it for her. On a reunion episode, they locked lips and recommitted to their relationship. Although Vincent and Briana were married shortly after they first started dating, he was unable to propose at their first encounter.

Briana And Vincent Wed During Season 12

Vincent Morales and Briana Miles were paired off during season 12 and had a great run. It appeared like they had instant chemistry and attraction, and it played a big role in the success of their relationship. “The first thing I noticed about him was his beautiful smile, and from there on out, we hit it off.

Are Vincent and Briana Still Together?

I always find it attractive when a guy comes from a good family, and he came from a good family. There was an instantaneous, and not merely physical, attraction “Briana put it this way. They were attracted to one another, and happily, they also shared a deeper connection that propelled them forward.

“The instant we met, I knew we were meant to be together. The process went without a hitch. The entire situation felt entirely normal. There was no force involved. That was a fantastic time, and we were having a blast.

When it really took off “It was Vincent who made the remark. Despite the fact that the season ended, they remained a married couple. Obviously, a while has passed since then, and fans are curious as to whether or not the couple is still together.

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Married At First Sight Season 12 Where Are They Now?

Vincent and Briana are now legally married and happily living together. They’ve been dating ever since, and they’ve been keeping their fans up to date on their romance via interviews and social media posts. Vincent and Briana had a daughter in January 2023, and they named her Aury Bella. The couple’s anticipation of becoming parents has been palpable, as evidenced by the plethora of posts they’ve made to social media in recent months.

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