Are Izzy and Bartise Still Together

Are Bartise And Izzy Still Together From ‘The Perfect Match’? Where They Stand Today!

A romantic relationship has existed between Bartise and Izzy for some time. Many people are interested in the couple’s progress and are waiting for news about them. But, as is the case with many celebrity couples, there is constant speculation regarding their whereabouts.

After all, it brings together a cast of lovable and loathsome characters from some of our favorite reality shows in a quest to find lasting love. Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden were among them, and we now have the information you need on them and their present status if you’re interested.

Are Izzy and Bartise Still Together?

Izzy Fairthorne and Bartise Bowden did get to spend one last day together, and they spent it talking about their future together. This is particularly significant given that Izzy is an Englishwoman and Bartise is a Texan, but it’s also a testament to the depth of their cultural differences.

Are Izzy and Bartise Still Together?

Although Bartise and Izzy Fairthorne haven’t come out and said they broke up after filming for The Perfect Match season 1 wrapped, it seems like they’re still on good terms with one other. It appears that Bartise and Izzys are still Instagram followers.

There was a noticeable rise in the zing between us today… In the near future, I could possibly take a trip across the Atlantic. They spent very little time together and worried about being apart, so when asked if they were a good match, they both ultimately said no.

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Izzy and Bartise’s Perfect Match Journey

Izzy, the star of season three of “Too Hot to Handle,” literally flipped the script on the entire cast household the moment she arrived at the Panema paradise as a new cast member in episode three. Despite the fact that she and Nick Uhlenhuth had a hot spa blind date on day one, she was brought in as a prospective candidate for the third season of ‘The Circle.’

Yet, she formed bonds with more than just him on the first night. Hence, when he opted to pursue a relationship with Inez Tazi of ‘The Circle’ France, she found herself blissfully paired with Shayne Jansen of ‘Love is Blind’ season 2.

He then proceeded to distance himself from his partner without providing any explanation, prompting his friend to approach him at a later mixer with the goal of making amends. The Texan, now 27, told her he was delighted and that he would choose her again in an instant, but then he asked Ines to be his match without warning.

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Will Bartise and Izzy get married?

They were both aware that physical separation could be a problem, yet they were interested in getting to know one another nonetheless. There are no social media posts of them together after the show ended, and Bartise said he wouldn’t make fun of anyone except himself for publicity and that the show had been shot a year ago.

Are Izzy and Bartise Still Together?

They are not currently dating or engaged, although Izzy did make a joke on TikTok about picking Bartise over Shayne and Nick by playing a sound clip from Matilda the Musical and adding, “Sometimes you have to be a bit naughty.”

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