are tyler crispen and angela still together

“The Big Brother Couple’s Separation”: Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans Part Ways

Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen, who was known as Tangela, broke up after being together for four years, getting engaged, and getting engaged again. In a recent YouTube video, he talked about why they broke up, a few weeks after she said they were no longer together.

Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen met when they were both housemates on the 2018 season of “Big Brother.” Their four-year relationship is said to be over now. Fans were surprised when the two broke up in December 2022. Here’s the real reason why.

How Tyler and Angela’s Engagement

Tyler Ross Crispen was the runner-up on Big Brother 20 (United States) and went home on Big Brother 22. (US). Early in the season, Tyler became the leader of this Stage 6 ally. He used his smarts and charm to win everyone’s trust, control multiple eliminations, and surprise a number of people on the show. Angela and Kaycee, who were also in Level Six, were close friends of his, and the two started dating on the show.

She made a deal with Tyler and Kaycee for the third finale, but their plan was ruined when the last foreigner, JC Mounduix, won Head of Household and chose her and Tyler. Kaycee’s vote was the only one that got Angela kicked out of the competition. She did this after getting the last Power of Veto and making sure of her own safety. This made her the eighth jury member.

are tyler crispen and angela still together

The couple announced their engagement on Instagram and YouTube on February 1, 2019, several weeks after the romantic proposal, which took place in their hometown of Hilton Head Island. “Yes to forever, always, and forever.

We’ll be together forever, baby “Rummans wrote a caption for her Instagram photo. “Thank you so much for giving me the best day of my life. I love you even more than words can say.” Crispen, for his part, said that the day they got engaged was the “best day” of his life. He wrote, “WE’RE ENGAGED!” “@angelarummans You make every day seem like a dream come true, and I am now the luckiest person on the planet. I will love you forever and ever.”

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 Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen Split?

Angela Rummans announced that she and Tyler Crispen were no longer together almost two weeks after Crispen posted a YouTube video called “What Now?” in which he talked about his new life and mental health after the breakup.

After showing his morning routine, the runner-up on Big Brother 20 said he feels the “best” he has in years, adding that he hasn’t felt like himself in a long time.

are tyler crispen and angela still together

Tyler said that his behavior was different when he first appeared on Big Brother and when he came back two seasons later. He said this was proof that he was depressed at the time.

Even though the ex-Big Brother contestant called their breakup a “dark time,” he said he’s glad it happened because it forced him to face his past traumas. Tyler says he has started to pay more attention to his mental health and has realized that the pressure to improve himself led to his depression.

Around the summer of 2022, Tangela fans started to think that their favorite reality TV couple had secretly broken up because they hadn’t seen any pictures of the two of them together on social media. They didn’t say anything about the rumored breakup until late January 2023, when Angela posted a video on their rebranded YouTube channel to confirm the breakup.

Big Brother Hurt Angela Rummans And Tyler Crispen’s Relationship?

Angela and Tyler met because of Big Brother, but spending so much time together may have hurt their relationship rather than helped it. Fans seemed to think that Tyler depended on Angela much more than Angela did on Tyler.

When he went on Big Brother All Stars and tried to leave because he missed Angela so much, it backed up what the fans thought. “It doesn’t surprise me. From the way Tyler talked about them on the feeds, it seemed like they were very dependent on each other “one Reddit user said.

are tyler crispen and angela still together

During her time on The Challenge, Angela seemed to miss Tyler a lot less than he missed her. She was a fierce competitor who made partnerships and won tough competitions to make sure she would be in the final. Even when Tyler sent her a video in which he told her with tears in his eyes how proud he was of her and how much he missed her, she didn’t seem very impressed.

Fans hope to see Tyler on future seasons of “The Challenge” now that he’s no longer in a relationship. The show has had “Battle of the Exes” seasons before, so they may get their wish and see both Tyler and Angela on the show in the future.

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After Breakup, What Are Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen Doing?

are tyler crispen and angela still together

Angela and Tyler have to figure out how to divide the things they owned together now that they are no longer together. Together, they own a house in South Carolina and a jewelry business called Naut & Chain. Since they broke up, they have both kept promoting their jewelry business on Instagram.

People on Reddit thought that the couple didn’t tell anyone about their breakup right away so they could promote their Black Friday sales, but that hasn’t been proven. After they broke up, however, their YouTube channel Tangela was changed to just Angela. Sometimes the ex-couple leaves comment on each other’s photos, which makes fans think that they got along after they broke up.

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