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Anna Taylor Joy As Black Cat! Emma Stone To Return? Future Spider-Verse Projects

Sony is continuing to expand its Spider-Verse, and following the success of No Way Home, it seems poised to bring back some faces well known to fans. In particular, in recent days, there has been talk of exhuming Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker in the future, perhaps in Venom 3, and another detail has recently emerged. According to a rumor, Emma Stone is also in talks to play Spider-Gwen, the superhero version of her Gwen Stacy. Together with her, Sony would also like Anya Taylor-Joy as Black Cat.

The news comes from the insider MyTimeToShineHello, who previously revealed several details of Spider-Man: No Way Home. According to this rumor, Sony would like to onboard the Spider-Verse Anya Taylor-Joy as Black Cat for a dedicated project and Emma Stone as Spider-Gwen for a standalone film. Given the fate of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it seems that this will come from another universe and that she will meet Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker.

Remember that Emma Stone played Gwen Stacy in the two films of The Amazing Spider-Man. However, Anya Taylor-Joy isn’t new to the superhero world either, as she played Illyana Rasputin in Fox’s The New Mutants.

In particular, this is only a rumor that Anya Taylor-Joy comes from the not always reliable Giant Freakin Robot. This information, however, was in turn shared by insider Daniel Richtman, whose reliability is instead more rooted, thanks to past revelations on the MCU.

Therefore, we await confirmation and find out if the news should be confirmed. What will be the response of Anya Taylor-Joy and Emma Stone regarding the possibility of playing the role of Black Cat and Spider-Gwen?

Would you like the idea? For years, Emma Stone fans have fantasized about her return as Spider-Gwen, and in fact, the web is full of fan art portraying her as the superheroine. Thanks to this rumor, perhaps we will also see drawings depicting Anya Taylor-Joy as a Black Cat.

Spider-Verse: What Are The Next Projects?

The Spider-Verse is extending its webs. Several new projects have been announced via Marvel & Sony. Here’s the complete list:

1) Morbius

Starring Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius, the film will be the next Spider-Verse project to come to light. A trailer has already been released, and the film is scheduled to release in January 2022.

2) Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2

Into the Spider-Verse was a big success when it hit the screens. The film was appreciated both critically & commercially. Now the sequel for the same is in development. The film will release on October 7, 2022.

3) Kraven The Hunter

Sony has also given the green light to Kraven the Hunter project. The film has been set to release on January 13, 2023. 

4) Black Cat

There are rumors that Sony is moving forward to a Spider-Man spin-off on Black Cat. However, not many details are announced about the film.

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