All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Renewed + Release Date & Cast Info!

All of Us Are Dead Season 2

Following are spoilers for All of Us Are Dead.

Netflix’s latest Korean genre program, All of Us Are Dead, puts a horrific high-school twist on zombie fare like Kingdom and Train To Busan, following Squid Game, Hellbound, and The Silent Sea.

This show is as engrossing and well-executed as any of those previous shows, so we’re sure you’re all eagerly awaiting new episodes. Yes? Then you’ve arrived at the perfect spot!

In a recent interview with The Korea Herald, director Lee Jae-kyoo of All of Us are Dead said that he had “deliberately” built-in space for a possible second season to the show.

It’s been revealed that the show’s second half has hybrid zombies, which Lee says were “deliberately made” to allow for the tale to be expanded into a second season.

“It’s fair to say that season one dealt with humanity’s survival, whereas season two will focus on zombies. I’d like to bring back the show for a second season “Then he continued.

Isn’t that exciting? This violent masterpiece has been getting a lot of attention lately, so get your school supplies ready and join us as we go through the most recent news on it!

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has not officially renewed All of Us Are Dead, but we have no doubt that the show, like the undead, will not go quietly. Most K-dramas only run for one season, but if the enthusiastic fans succeed in spurring a renewal for a second season in the near future, we can see fresh episodes in 2023.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 only to Squid Game, All of Us Are Dead is the only non-English-language series to top Netflix’s daily TV chart in a significant number of countries. This is the first time ever that South Korea has topped the list with two shows.

The announcement of renewal may take longer than normal. However, Squid Game’s second season wasn’t formally ratified until late January 2022, four months after the show’s original airing date.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Characters

Most of the original cast is killed off in the first season, as indicated by the title. In fact, the only ones who are capable of doing so are the actors who play On-jo, Su-Hyo, Daegu, I’m Jae-hyuk, Ha Seung-ri, and Mi-jin, as well as the actress who plays Hyo-ryung (Park Ji-hu) (Kim Bo-Yoon).

Cho Yi-Choi Hyun’s Nam-ra, who appeared in the first season, is the only one we can expect to see again. At least unless the show decides to go with a whole new cast moving ahead.

The second season of All of Us Is Dead promises a slew of new, blood-splattered faces.

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All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Expected Storyline

The final episode of All of Us Are Dead finished with the majority of the cast and crew deceased. It was only a matter of time before the city of Hyosan was overrun by the undead and subsequently wiped out by Korean military bombing.

Even if most of the survivors have finished their tales, the pandemic may reemerge at any time. Everything might be ruined again by one zombie.

Nam-Ra, on the other hand, is a survivor of the illness who has somehow managed to keep her humanity. Many hybrids have discovered a way to take advantage of the virus, making them stronger and more resilient to pain. New episodes could be plagued by the fact that the desire for human flesh lingers.

According to Joo Dong-geun, Nam-Ra is with her friends instead of the hybrids in his original webtoon ending, which is obviously very different from what we see on the screen now.

A tease suggests that the infection has now gone to Japan, and it’s definitely something season two could investigate, whether the show only hints at it or whether the entire tale is moved there. Given that All of Us Are Dead is a South Korean production, the latter seems implausible.

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All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Trailer

It will be at least a month before season two (if it happens) of All of Us Are Dead infects our lives again. When fresh footage is released, you’ll find all the information you need right here.

Netflix has made the film All of Us Are Dead readily available for viewing.

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Final Lines

This is a major difference from the series, which concludes with Na Ra living with other half-zombies in the woods and does not imply that the infection may have spread to Japan. The second season of the show may look at what happened in season one.

Finally, Nam Ra is out in the wild with other half-zombies, and there’s a chance that herpes could be spreading to Japan at that point.

A second season of the hit show was reportedly planned by director Lee Jae-kyoo, according to NME. “Many paths, settings, and scenarios were purposely constructed to expand the tale into a second season, including the introduction of new races of zombies,” Lee stated in an interview with The Korean Herald.

Then he said, ” “If the first season showed humanity’s survival, the second season can discuss zombies’ survival as a threat to humanity’s existence. I’m hoping to bring the show back for a third season.”


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