Steve Burton Sold Condo Amid Split from Pregnant Sheree Burton

After Separating From His Pregnant Wife, General Hospital Star Steve Burton Sold The Condo He Shared With Her.

I’m packing up and leaving. Their condo was sold just a few months after they officially split up.

Find Out What Steve Burton Has to Say About Family in the midst of Divorce.
On March 8, their Newport Beach condo was sold, according to property records, while the couple put their separation date as March 1, according to divorce paperwork obtained by Us Weekly.

California’s Corona Del Mar neighborhood sold a three-bedroom house with four bathrooms for $3.2 million.

The General Hospital alum, 51, announced his divorce from Sheree, 45, two months after their original separation and condo sale. In an interview, Steve claimed that she was carrying another man’s child.

“I wanted to make a point.” As of May 4, Sheree and I are no longer together on Instagram, as the Daytime Emmy Award winner said. The news came out recently that she’s pregnant with her fourth kid..” Neither the child nor I have custody of the child.”

Sheree and Steve Burton’s Separation Date Revealed

Steve Burton Sold Condo Amid Split from Pregnant Sheree Burton

Their children are Makena (18), Jack (16), and Brooklyn (7), all of whom live with them.

“We’re still co-parenting our three wonderful kids,” he said. “At this time, we appreciate your privacy.”

Claiming “irreconcilable differences,” the ex-Young and the Restless star filed for divorce from the fitness instructor on July 8.

Even while Sheree hasn’t spoken publicly about the father of her fourth child, a cryptic Instagram message she shared in January regarding “mistakes” led some admirers to suspect that she was alluding to her marriage.

What would you advise your younger self if you could?” To be more specific, I would have said… Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. You will be injured by others, but you must always be kind and take the high road. Take risks and don’t be afraid of failing. Be open to making errors because we all do.

It’s okay!” the nutritionist advised her clients. Affirmation: “You are a powerful woman who can do everything you set your mind to.” Life is brief, so make the most of it and be kind to everyone. “I hope you had a lovely day.”

Even though their divorce is being finalized, Steve is relocating back to his hometown. Beyond Salem, a Peacock Daytime spin-off is set to cast him in April.

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Steve Burton Sold Condo Amid Split from Pregnant Sheree Burton

I’m so happy to finally be here!” There will be a start on July 11th! Instagrammed his excitement about ending the marriage: “Really looking forward to this,” he wrote on the day of the filing. There were so many outfits I had to try on… but it was fun! “I’d love to hear from you!”

His firing from ABC’s General Hospital in 2021 was due to his refusal to accept the COVID-19 vaccine, which led to the emergence of this role. Since 1991, he’d been playing Jason Morgan on and off.

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