65 Release Date

Sci-Fi Movie 65 Starring Adam Driver Gets a New Release Date!

The sci-fi movie 65, starring Adam Driver, will debut on March 10 rather than the previously stated March 17 release date. The revised release date indicates that 65 will compete against Scream VI at the box office, avoiding a collision with Shazam 2.

According to the 65 movie’s summary, pilot Miles (Driver) learns that he and the only other survivor Koa are trapped on Earth 65 million years ago following a devastating accident on an unidentified planet (Ariana Greenblatt). They must survive by battling the deadliest dinosaurs to get where they need to go.

Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblatt both appear in the movie. Raimi Productions, Beck/Woods, Columbia Pictures, and Bron Creative all contributed to its co-production. On March 10, 2023, Sony Pictures Releasing will release 65 in the United States.

Release Date of 65 Film

If the present plan holds, enthusiastic moviegoers will be able to see 65 on March 10, 2023. For some reason, the movie’s release date has been altered numerous times throughout development and post-production, with contradictory information frequently coming from different sources.

Although the movie’s release date of May 13, 2022, was confirmed in May 2020, other rumors suggested an April release date. The date was just moved up to March 10, 2023, which is a significant delay. But things didn’t end there; the 65 was then postponed for an additional week before being rescheduled for the original time.

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About The Plot of 65 Film

Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, and Chloe Coleman are in the original Columbia Pictures film, the plot of which was unknown to us until last week’s trailer. Adam Driver is tasked with eliminating the dinosaurs with cutting-edge video game weapons in what turns out to be a survival horror experience set on an extraterrestrial planet where dinosaurs live.

65 Release Date

Pilot Mills immediately realizes he is stranded on Earth 65 million years ago following a horrific collision on an alien planet. With just one opportunity left for rescue, Mills and Koa, the other survivor, must now brave a terrifying prehistoric animal invasion in a desperate attempt to survive.

Who’s In the Cast of 65?

Because of this movie’s ambiguity, there may seem to be a lot to be desired, but the cast’s talent should allay any concerns. Driver’s appeal broadens even further as a result of his roles as Mauricio Gucci in House of Gucci and Jaques Le Gris in The Final Duel; now, just the mention of his name can ensure production will draw large audiences.

65 Release Date

Who Is Making 65?

One must believe that if a talented actor like Adam Driver agrees to participate in a film, he not only trusts the script but also the team behind it. The names associated with 65 would signal its potential box office success despite the fact that science fiction may be a difficult genre to break into.

The project is a collaboration between Columbia Pictures, Beck Woods, Bron Creative, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), and Raimi Productions, thus it has a lot of skilled hands working on it. The film was written and directed by the talented up-and-coming duo Scott Beck and Bryan Woods and was produced by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man).

65 Release Date

The writers of A Quiet Place, one of the most popular horror stories of the past ten years, Beck and Woods are now well-known after a less well-known beginning to their careers that featured the development of numerous excellent but largely unnoticed short films.

With their identities now carrying significant weight, they can nearly certain that 65 is in good hands. Together with Beck, Woods, and Raimi, the film also has producers Zainab Azizi, Jason Cloth, Aaron L. Gilbert, Deborah Liebling, Suraj Maraboyina, and Douglas C.

65 Release Date

Merrifield is listed as a collaborator. Michael Kaplan did the costume design, while Salvatore Totino (Everest) is the movie’s cinematographer (Armageddon). 65 is one of the movies to watch out for in 2023 despite the fact that there isn’t much information available about it. What we do know, however, is plenty to generate interest in its release.

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65 Film Trailer

The fight for survival is made abundantly obvious in a brand-new action-packed video for 65 that was released on January 26. In this new teaser, Mills and Koa encounter far more dangerous monsters.

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