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Young Dolph Quotes: The Best ‘bulletproof’ Project Lyrics by Young Dolph

Young Dolph quote

Rapper Young Dolph has a net worth of $3 million, according to the latest estimates. Adolph Thornton, Jr. is a rapper from the United States of America.

Singing, rapping, songwriting, and producing all help him build a large fan base and a sizable bank account. In February 2016, he debuted in the music industry with the release of his debut studio album, King Of Memphis.

After a while, he put out a few studio albums and mixtapes of his own work. Dolph the Destroyer has had a rough start to life.

Previously, we discussed how he first learned of the conflict. At that point, he was one of the world’s most famous actors.

His name appears among the world’s wealthiest individuals. As a result, we have a better understanding of the life of Young Dolph and his current net worth.

Early Life

He was born on the 11th of August in the year of 1985 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Adolph Thronton Jr. was given this name by his parents.

In addition to his two sisters and two brothers, he has two sets of twins. When he was just two years old, his entire family relocated to Memphis, Tennessee.

His parents were cigarette smokers who couldn’t stop. “Mama always in the streets, so guess who reared me?” he rapped in one of his songs, “Preach.” He was actually referring to the days when his parents used to light up on the street corners.

From an early age, he had a deep love for music. He was deeply touched by the death of his grandma in 2008, while he was a teenager. He used to sing raps and music to express his emotions and thoughts at that time.

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Personal Life

He was born to Mr. and Mrs. Thornton, both of whom worked as business owners in their own fields.

He has two brothers and two sisters, for a total of four siblings. His siblings’ names are unknown.

The marital status of Dolph the Younger is “unmarried.” He’s been dating an American girl named Mia Jaye, who lives in his neighborhood, for many years. Two sons and a daughter are also the results of their union.

Young Dolph Quotes:-

  • “If it ain’t one thing, it’s a Muthafuckin ‘nother/We trapped together than that’s my muthafuckin’ brother/I pay her bills and buy her designer but I don’t love her/She just play her part when it’s time to smuggle”

  • “She said can she fuck me with my diamond chains?/If I ain’t in the bank, then I’m on the plane/’Bout to go get some money or go spend some money/They stopped me in the airport, had too many Benji’s on me /They don’t want you to live, they don’t want you to ball/Them pussies smile in your face, yeah, then they pray for you to fall”

  • “Foreigns all in the garage, remember my first menage/Yeah, Tori and Brittany, I’m shoppin’ for diamonds at Tiffany’s/No, I don’t get no sympathy, she blew my whistle like a referee/Broke Black nigga, remember me? until I found out that recipe”

  • “Call me water boy ’cause I’m drippin’ all this water/Met her down in Florida but I fucked that bitch in Charlotte/Born a dope boy, never wanted to go to college/Bad Puerto Rican, New York bitch, met her in Starlets/I shut down the party, I shut down the party/Went and parked the ‘Rari then I go jump on the Harley”

  • Just ’cause my money keep runnin’ like Forrest Gump/I got niggas to hate me like I’m Donald Trump/Where I’m from you don’t make it to see 21/That’s why all these young niggas ridin’ ’round with their gun/Front page newspaper, number one topic/Niggas mad at Dolph Obama just ’cause I’m the hottest”

  • “Bulletproof vest, Bently around my neck/I put the Dracos up, bought out the carbons and the techs/Tattoo on her thigh and it says slippery when wet/I just fucked this rich bitch, we had million-dollar sex/Can’t get shot by Cupid so I fucked her with my vest/Only thing can make me move is dead presidents”

  • “Half a mil on me right now and two hunnid of it on my wrist/You go hard in that trap, lil’ nigga you can shine like this/Bad bitches on my guest list, fuck niggas on my hit list/Drop top with a mixed bitch, pop, pop now we don’t miss”

  • “I send all my side bitches to go buy all my choppas/Put my trap house in the name, they do it with no problem/Got a fine OG bitch, she still likes to wear Prada/38 years old and she looks just like a model/She kept it so real that I put her in a Drizzop/Yeah, that boy went corporate but he straight up off the Blizzock”




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