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Winds of Winter Updates – We have a CONFIRMED release date!

Fans were restless while waiting for the release date of The Winds of Winter! We are already in mid-2021 and are still waiting for the book to be published! What can you say about The Winds of Winter, by George R.R. Martin? 

In his emergency blog update from July 16, 2021, Martin informed his fans about his trip to the Midwest. He returned home in June, but he delayed the email due to a lot of administrative work. In other words,  the author concludes Robert Frost’s famous poem: 

“The forest is beautiful, dark and deep, but I promise to keep the book and write it before going to bed.” 

Does this suggest his promise to bring the Winds of Winter to the fans? This is definitely asking too much to ask for this year, but someday. As of April 2021, George R.R. Martin is up so far with The Winds of Winter. The sixth novel of A Song of Ice and Fire may be a while ago, and George gave us worse news. 

Martin’s Not a Blog’s latest post on George R.R.’s website confirmed to Martin that he wouldn’t finish the book soon. “I’m so late now that I’m becoming more and more discouraged of catching up,” Martin wrote. Oops! Expectations for a satisfying conclusion within the series, including the aftermath of Covid19, seem to possess created an environment that’s not compatible to finish the book. As of June 2021, the 71-year-old author admits that the book wanted to remain one step before the Game of Thrones series.

Martin has announced to fans that Game of Thrones is happy to sign HBO and HBO Max for five years for the new original content. during a 2019 post, George RR Martin, author of the A Song of Ice and Fire, gives fans explicit permission to lock up within the cabin of White Island within the absence of the Winds of Winter by July 2020. 

WordCon should be done and therefore the place is finished. Martin, who showed little indication of the nearing completion of Volume 6, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” apparently escaped its fate because the face-to-face event in New Zealand has been canceled thanks to an ongoing pandemic.

We knew little that the detention he jokingly proposed would be quite a joke. In another blog post on Midsummer Eve, 2020, Martin admitted that he wasn’t a stranger to Cabin Fever, which has plagued many folks since March. But in his case, the primary part of the sentence is extremely literal.

Martin hasn’t yet found the striking pace of writing he maintained when he was performing on the third installment of the A Storm of Swords series, which produced about 150 pages a month within the late 1990s, but still to fans. features a reason for joy. The author said he was sad about his canceled trip to Wellington. Still, if “I hope both Covid 19 and therefore the Winds of Winter will happen ,” he expressed his intention to go to it in 2021.

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