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Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun official premiere date, and plot

Toilet-bound Hanako is an anime series released back in 2020 that is the perfect mix of both supernatural and comedy. This anime was created by Lersch Studio, known for popular anime like Astra and Gibun over there, and was staged by Masaomi Ando within the first season. His alias, Jibaku Shōnen Hanakokun, was originally premiered on TBS, SUN, CBC, and BS TBS from January 9, 2020, to March 26, 2020. 

Because of the Funimation license and therefore the HuluTV broadcast, it attracted viewers from everywhere on the planet. After the series reached the season finale within the episode “The Little Mermaid,” fans began to wonder about things for the subsequent seasons and therefore the release date for the second season of the anime series. Here’s what you recognize about the series and what’s new in Season 2. 

So far, the first season of anime has received tons of positive reviews from most viewers, and lots of fans already need a second season. consistent with many anime viewers, it is also one of the simplest anime shows of the season. Is there a second season for anime?


At Komame Gakuen, various rumors are spreading about Hanako, one among the seven mysteries of the varsity. Hanako, who installed it within the women’s toilet 3 toilets on the 3rd floor of her old-fashioned building, thought of her. Nene Yashiro, a freshman filled with romantic dreams, also set foot during this haunted house. As a result of the event, he becomes Hanako Nene’s assistant, trying to harmonize the spiritual and physical world with him.

In the past, Lerche Studio has delivered great anime like `Given` and` Kanata no Astra. With the new anime adaptation “Toilet-bound Hanako-Kun,” the studio offers us another epic show with perfect animations, captivating stories, and a few unforgettable sweet characters. Originally started as a comedy anime and limited to high school, there are many mysteries and a few dark events in its depth. 

As the season progresses, the mystery underlying the varsity deepens and turns into a shocking horror anime. So far, it’s clearly reached its true potential and hopes to urge even better in Season 2. within the first season, the characters are going to be introduced, but nobody is downplayed. The event is additionally strange. The series gets even deeper within the possible second season.


At the time of writing, Toiletbound Hanako hasn’t been extended to the second season yet. All the publishers be it manga or animation Square Enix, Lerche nor Funimation have confirmed the second season. At now we will only guess. you’ll see if the anime features a second season by watching the recognition and suitability of the source material. There seems to be no problem in terms of recognition, and therefore the evaluation of the series is fair. Everything was good apart from the sale of the CD. Anime disc sales were about 1,500.

Looking at the CD sales alone doesn’t seem to figure, but do not forget the exclusive distributor. Anime is additionally very fashionable in Japan and is distributed by many exclusive distributors. (D Anime Store, Amazon Prime Video, UNext, Netflix) the very fact that these distributors release anime means a further profit additionally to disc sales. Therefore, the second season looks promising in some ways. As you’ll see from the anime list, Hanako’s score is 78.4%, which is ok in Season 2. 

The anime may be a faithful arrangement of a complete of 15 original manga published by Iro Aida. the primary season is Volume 7 of the manga, so there are enough scripts for the producer to return to Volume 7. Of course, the amount of volumes the producer wants to hide for the new season is additionally important. Since the ultimate volume of the manga has just been released, preparations will begin if there’s a seven-volume season just like the first season. With all this in mind, you’ll see the new season at the top of 2021, but it must be updated first. we’ll update you as soon as we receive an update notice. Stay tuned!

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