Who Is Moniece Slaughter Dating? The Love & Star’s Personal Life

who is moniece slaughter dating

Moniece Slaughter is an American singer and songwriter. She was born on 4th March 1987 and is currently 34 years old. She grew up in Los Angeles, California, and is most known for being a member of the cast of the show: Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Moniece remained on the show for the length of the first 5 seasons as a lead actor. In the 6th season and the 7th season, Love & Hip Hop.

New York, she became a supporting cast member. The same goes for the 8th season titled: Love & Hip Hop: Atalanta. Not many realise this, but it is Moniece Slaughter who sung the original theme song of America’s Next Top Model. Moniece came out as bisexual when the programme was in its 3rd season run. She is also known as Kali.

Her mother’s name is Marla Thomas. Her stepfather, Dave Thomas, is the Grammy-winning singer of Taking 6. Moniece believes she always knew about her bisexuality but was frightened of coming out. Biphobia is rampant, and she was frightened of judgement.

She herself was from an extremely pious family, and homosexuality was prohibited. Her family, as she also had once said, continued to support her, getting rid of such unnecessary superstitions, and still back her for what makes her happy.

Moniece Slaughter Career And Relationships On Love & Hip Hop-

Moniece was introduced as a struggling single mother of her son. She had Kamron David Frederic with Lil’ Fizz, a rapper, and he was born on January the 8th, 2010. The first season reveals the hardships that she and Lil’ Fizz are encountering while co-parenting their son.

Moniece plays the character of an estranged mother, trying very hard not to be a boring mom and repudiate that sort of reputation. She begins her own sex toy business to make her ends meet. In the first season, she gets into a severe brawl with Amanda Secor, Fizz’s girlfriend of 2 years. In this vicious brawl, Moniece even drags Amanda by her hair!

A new romance blossoms for Moniece in the second instalment of the series When Rich Dollaz from L&HH: New York introduces her to him, she becomes his girlfriend. For the first time, she opens up about her battles with depression and anxiety, as well as her complicated relationship with her mother.

After the reunion of the second season, Brandi and Princess engage in a brutal brawl that is sparked by Moniece. Throughout the third season, there was a long-running conflict between these two characters. As part of the third season reunion, Slaughter comes out as bisexual. This season, a sex tape was also leaked.

who is moniece slaughter dating

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More About The Dating History Of Moniece Slaughter-

Much more information regarding her past relationships has now come to light. Not to mention the fact that her romance with her girlfriend had taken a turn for the worse. Her subsequent relationships included a relationship with Shaquille O’Neal, about whom she made serious charges over a year ago.

She claimed that Shaq had “encouraged self-harm” by his actions. After the rapper had cheated on her, the two had split up in the fall of 2011. In a conversation with her manager, she confessed that she had been bombarded with messages like: This is why you will always be broke, a renowned broke ho*, and more.

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