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The Newark Crime Family that Inspired ‘Tony Soprano’

‘The Sopranos,’ a landmark American crime drama, is widely regarded as being extremely realistic. Tony Soprano’s (James Gandolfini) struggle with mental illness while also caring for his family and running a criminal organization provided some of television’s most riveting dramas.

The Sopranos,” widely regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time, clearly draws from real-world sources.

There have been many films about the mafia over the years, with “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas” being two of the best examples, but nothing until “The Sopranos” captured the crushing dread of organized crime quite like it.

One must respect others in order to be respected. The real-life Cosa Nostra is founded on the same mantra that guided the successful HBO series.

Respect is everything, but it’s not always easy to earn, especially when you’re trying to satisfy both your own family’s needs and those of the mafia family you run.

When it comes to showing the inner turmoil of a mobster trying to keep it together, “The Sopranos” really shines. What’s so amazing about it? The story is partially based on reality. Now meet the man who served as the idea’s inspiration.

The Anti-Hero of ‘The Sopranos’ Was Inspired by a Childhood Memory

The Anti-Hero of 'The Sopranos' Was Inspired by a Childhood Memory

With the popularity of The Many Saints of Newark, a prequel film to The Sopranos, Chase has given an interview in which he discusses the real-life inspiration for one of the greatest TV characters of all time.

The son of David Chase’s father’s business partner was a person David Chase met, according to the interview. It just so happened that this young man shared Chase’s age.

According to Chase, the young man in question had a relative whose name, Toby Soprano, served as an inspiration to him.

David Chase freely confesses that he was mostly inspired by this genuine person for the moniker. David Chase is unsure as to whether or not this Toby Soprano was like Tony Soprano in any other respects.

When asked about the real-life inspiration for The Sopranos, creator David Chase responds, “I don’t know if Toby was connected.” Chase chimes in, “He might have been, I don’t know.” He was able to boast about his Cadillac.

In a recent interview, the Sopranos creator addressed a long-standing riddle for the show’s legion of devoted viewers. An enigma that has perplexed viewers ever since the series finale aired in 2007.

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The Ending That Fans Have Been Waiting For Chase

The Ending That Fans Have Been Waiting For: Chase

To wrap up the series, viewers watched Tony Soprano at a diner. They all sit down for a brief meal, and he is soon joined by his family.

As the Soprano family enjoys a meal at the roadside diner, the hit song Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey plays in the background, attracting a motley crew of suspicious characters.

Tony Soprano looks up from his breakfast just as his daughter Meadow walks in the door. After then, the screen goes black.

For years, viewers of the show speculated on whether or not the Sopranos continued their “normal” lives. Alternately, did Tony really just die when the screen cut to black?

Chase maintains the latter to be correct. Actually, the inspiration came to him long before the finale was shot. The show’s creator explains, “I had this idea — I was driving on Ocean Park Boulevard near the airport and I saw a little restaurant.”

It was like a shack that served breakfast,” Chase elaborates. For some reason, I was thinking, “Tony should get it in a place like that.”

What motivated Phil Leotardo’s assault?

After Leotardo refused a peace offer from Soprano on an asbestos cleanup project and Soprano beat one of Leotardo’s men for threatening Leotardo’s daughter, the two men went to battle with each other.

DeConcini authorized the DiMeos to beat up his former boss, Leotardo, though he had no idea where Leotardo was hiding.

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Is Paulie a rat, or a Sopranos?

Paulie Gualtieri, initially a soldier, eventually becomes a caporegime in the DiMeo crime family, and when David Chase offered him the part, Sirico accepted on the condition that his character would not “become a rat.”

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