Where in Stranger Things did Hopper get his sword from?

Where Did Hopper Get the Sword in Stranger Things?

In Stranger Things, Jim Hopper has gone from Hawkins’ lovable police chief to a weary prisoner in the heart of Soviet Russia, making for compelling watching.

In season 4, Hopper faces his toughest test yet as he works alongside Joyce, Murray, and newcomer Dimitri “Enzo” Antonov to break out of prison.

An epic sword fight with a Demogorgon makes Hopper’s ordeal in season 4 even more memorable because Hopper’s only weapon is a sword.

Fans of Stranger Things are left wondering where Hopper got the sword he used to battle the Demogorgon, among other things.

With the Use of A Sword, Hopper Constructs a Demogorgon

Where Did Hopper Get the Sword in Stranger Things?

The Final Episode of Stranger Things 4 Features Hopper’s Return to The Russian Jail Where He Was Imprisoned Earlier This Season.

Even if They Couldn’t Make It Back to Hawkins in Time, the Grownups Believe They Can Still Help by Removing the Prison’s Upside Down Particles and Creatures.

The Demogorgon and Demodogs Escaped Their Containers and Destroyed the Convicts and Guards Alike, Allowing Them to Return to The Facility Undetected.

Hopper and Joyce Are Pinned Down by The Beasts in The Courtyard until Murray Uses a Flamethrower to Extinguish Them All but The Demogorgon.

There Are Only Two Options Left: A Sword Hopper Picks up From the Ground or His Revolver, Which Is out Of Ammunition.

Hopper Decapitates the Demogorgon in One Blood-Soaked Strike at The End of The Long Standoff.

Season 4, Episode 9 of Stranger Things David Harbor in The Role of Jim Hopper with A Sabre

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What Was Hopper’s Source for The Sword?

Fans Are Baffled as To how The Sword Ended up On the Ground in Episode 9, Where It Was Seen Being Picked up By Hopper.

To Get an Answer to This Topic, One Has to Look No Farther than in Episode 7, when Enzo Pulls up An Old-Timey Weapons Locker that Contains Various Swords, Spears, and Axes.

Hopper’s Sword Can Be Seen in The Weapons Locker as Well, and One Prisoner Can Be Seen Attempting to Seize the Weapon in The Image Below.

This Sword Was Dropped by Another Prisoner During the Battle with The Demogorgon, and Hopper Was Able to Pick It up When He Did.

The Fourth Season of Stranger Things. Dmitri “enzo” Antonov Is Played by Tom Wlaschiha.

The Sword Has Its Own Record of Notoriousness

Where Did Hopper Get the Sword in Stranger Things?

Stranger Things Has Always Been Full of Pop Culture Allusions, and The Sword in Episode 9 Is No Exception.

The Atlantean Sword from Conan the Barbarian and Its Sequel Conan the Destroyer Is the Weapon of Choice.

To Free Himself from Bonds and Fight Off Wolves, Conan Used the Sword He Found in The Grave of An Ancient Monarch, Who Had Buried It with Him.

The Atlantean Is a Well-Known and Popular Sword in Its Own Right, Making It an Obvious Option for An Eighties-Themed Allusion in Stranger Things.

Perhaps the Russians Were Able to Obtain a Replica of The Sword After Setting up A Laboratory Under Starcourt Mall in Season 3?

David Harbor as Jim Hopper Reaches for A Blade in Stranger Things Season 4, Episode 9.
On July 1, 2022, Netflix Will Begin Streaming the Whole Fourth Season of Stranger Things.


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