Battle Royale Video Game: Vanguard Season 3 Release Date, New Weapons, Maps And Lot More

Battle Royale Video Game: Vanguard Season 3 Release Date, New Weapons, Maps And Lot More

Here’s everything we know about Vanguard’s Season 3 update, including when it’ll debut and what to expect.

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Vanguard is almost here, and it will add a ton of new content to the WW2 shooter. Season 3 will begin on this date, along with new weapons, Ranked Play awards, and a Godzilla vs. King Kong crossover.

Season 2 of Vanguard finally included Ranked Play and the all-new Arms Race mode. Now that the Season 3 update is almost here, players are eagerly anticipating the next major content drop, which will include new weapons, maps, and other features.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Season 3 update for Call of Duty: Vanguard, including the release date, new weaponry, new maps, Ranked Play upgrades, and a King Kong vs. Godzilla crossover.

When will the third season of Vanguard premiere? Season 2 will come to a close on this date

Battle Royale Video Game: Vanguard Season 3 Release Date, New Weapons, Maps And Lot More

If there are no delays, the official release date for Vanguard Season 3 is April 27, 2022.

Classified Arms is the title of the Season, and a trailer was released on April 13 to coincide with the actual release date. Although the trailer concentrates on Warzone, additional information about Vanguard’s content has been disclosed, so let’s get started.

Season 3 of Vanguard introduces new weaponry.

We now have further information on the new weaponry coming to Vanguard in Season 3 according to the official Call of Duty blog. Two of these weapons will be available at launch, with the third appearing in the middle of the season.

Marksman Rifle (M1916) (Launch)

Battle Royale Video Game: Vanguard Season 3 Release Date, New Weapons, Maps And Lot More

“A semi-automatic rifle with a high rate of fire and a high rate of fire.” In the hands of a skilled marksman, it’s impressive at any range.”

In Season 3, players will receive a brand new Marksmen Rifle that is supposed to be “amazing at any range.” The developers even claim in the blog that Multiplayer has a “huge two-hit elimination range.”

Assault Rifle Nikita AVT (Launch)

“With best-in-class accuracy and reliability, this AR can be configured to excel in CQC or long-range combat scenarios.”

This weapon appears to have a lot of potential in Season 3, as the developers claim it is the “fastest-firing Assault Rifle in Vanguard to date,” implying that it will perform well at both close and mid-ranges.

SMG: H4 Blixen (Mid-Season)

Battle Royale Video Game: Vanguard Season 3 Release Date, New Weapons, Maps And Lot More

As we come closer to the mid-season mark, we’ll have more details about this in-season H4 Blizen SMG. However, it is believed to share “design techniques with the Sten and PPSh-41,” implying that it could be a viable option.

Melee with a sledgehammer (In-Season)

Players will also be able to get their hands on a new melee weapon, the Sledgehammer, which will be available during the season.

Operators for Season 3 of Vanguard

Players will also receive a fresh new Operator when Season 3 launches, with more joining the fray throughout the season.

Mateo Hernandez  (Launch)

Battle Royale Video Game: Vanguard Season 3 Release Date, New Weapons, Maps And Lot More

This new Operator will appear at the start of Season 3 and is described as a “Sniper.” Gunner in the rear. For his community, he is a hero.”

Mateo Hernandez is a “first-generation American” who served as a “aerial machine-gun operator” in the Pacific during WWII. After his service, he continued to set an example for his fellow Operators by championing those who fight injustice and protect the innocent in his home state.”

Carter, Florence (In-Season)

During the season, players will be able to obtain another Operator in Florence Carter.

This Operator is described as a “excellent pilot” who “grew up in Alabama.” Florence is said to excel at “close-quarters warfare,” with her ability as a pilot being her greatest asset.

Kim Tae Young (Mid-Season)

Finally, we have Operator Kim Tae Young, who will be joining Classified Arms at the mid-season point.

“Nobody knows who is behind the mask of Kim Tae Young,” according to the blog. She’s a vigilante “renowned for her battling energy, much like the fabled Dokkaebi, a mythical beast whose face is etched into her facial protection,” according to the description.

Vanguard Season 3 maps have been released

Battle Royale Video Game: Vanguard Season 3 Release Date, New Weapons, Maps And Lot More

Multiplayer will receive two new maps as part of the Vanguard Season 3 update, one at launch and the other during the season.

Mayhem (Launch)

Mayhem was the first to be released at the start of Season 3. Mayhem is a small, tight terrain that favors the type of gameplay that the map’s name suggests. It’s modelled on a 1950s movie set and designed for “fast-paced warfare.”

Sphere (In-Season)

Players may look forward to Sphere, a small-scale multiplayer map with two levels that foster “fast-paced close-quarter-combat possibilities” during the season.

Because it is arriving in-season, little is known about this map.

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New Equipment: Trophy System

The Trophy System will be quite familiar to those who have played Warzone and many other Call of Duty games that have included this equipment.

This is merely a defensive tool that may be laid down to prevent “Frag Grenades, Sticky Bombs, and No. 69 Stun Grenades from reaching the region around the Trophy System while they are still in the air, neutralizing them before they reach the Trophy System.”

At the start of Season 3, all Vanguard players will have access to this gear, and no battle pass progression is required.

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Weapon Blueprints and Camos are among the rewards for the new Ranked Season

Battle Royale Video Game: Vanguard Season 3 Release Date, New Weapons, Maps And Lot More

During Season 3, Vanguard’s Ranked Play will exit beta, bringing with it a Skill Rating reset and new awards.

Everyone’s SR will be reset, so you’ll have to start over with your placement matches to get a new Skill Rating. After that, you may begin collecting the new rewards, which include Blueprints for the MP40 and Automaton, as well as “two stylish black and orange camos, which can be used on any weapon.”

There are also Charms, Emblems, and other awards for participating in Ranked Play, and with the addition of a new Call of Duty League Midseason Pack in Season 3, you’ll be able to put a pro player’s signature on your weapon while competing in Ranked Play.

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Vanguard Zombies Season 3 content

“Zombies players can expect to equip the newest Battle Pass weapons in their Zombies Loadout, as well as accomplish 20 new Zombies Season Challenges with unique Calling Card and XP bonus awards, much like in prior Vanguard seasons.”

You can also win the KG M40 and Whitley weaponry from Season Two by completing new Weapon Unlock Challenges in Zombies, which are live right now. It’s worth noting that these weapons can also be obtained in multiplayer challenges.”

That concludes Season 3 of Vanguard. If you’re more interested in the Warzone side of things, you can read up on all we know about the Warzone Pacific Season 3 update.


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