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Valorant Harbor Release Date & Confirmation on Netflix!

Harbor’s arrival does not signal a change in Valorant’s practice of introducing new heroes after each major production. I’m curious as to when we can expect the Valorant Habor release date to be and what sort of talents he’ll have.

Harbor is a versatile character who can act as a shield, support, or damage dealer thanks to his good looks and water-based abilities. Since no other hero in Riot’s shooter is quite like him, his introduction is sure to cause a stir in both the game’s meta and the tier list for Valorant agents.

Read on to learn when Valorant Harbor will be available, as well as what sort of powers you’ll have access to.

The release date for Valorous Harbor

Valorant Harbor Release Date

When the next act of Valorant is released on either October 17 or 18, 2022, Harbor will presumably become available to players. On this day, Harbor will become available, though you may have to wait until you can actually play the game, depending on how stable the servers are.

Once we hear back from Riot with further information, though, we will be sure to revise this piece accordingly.

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New Valorant Agent Codename ‘Mage’

We’re about a week away from the Agent’s big launch, and therefore there’s a pretty considerable quantity of teases and leaks that provide a pretty decent picture of what to expect.

As a reminder, Harbor’s codename, Mage, was revealed by well-known Valorant data miner ValorLeaks a couple of months ago. Remember, Mage was merely a pseudonym, just as Bounty Hunter was Fade’s codename and Sprinter was Neon’s.

The Agent’s name is actually Harbor, which was divulged via a picture Riot Games’ Twitter posted last week (above) (above).

What Agent Type Is Harbor? Answered

Harbor is a Controller-type Agent, validating our initial assumptions which we had based on the fact that so few had been introduced to the game since launch.

There are only four controllers in Valorant: Brimstone, Omen, Viper, and Astra. The other Agent-types all have five, while the debut of Astra –the latest Controller added to the game– occurred way back in February of 2021.

When can we expect Harbor’s release?

Valorant Harbor Release Date

On October 18th, the next patch will go online, and it will be Episode Five, Act Three. Riot’s customary practice of releasing a new agent or map along with a new act is expected to continue with the update since The Harbor is also slated to arrive at the same time.

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