Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Is it Officially Cancelled? Everything You Need To Know!

Tokyo Ravens Season 2

A manga adaptation of Tokyo Ravens, a light novel that first appeared in 2010, was also released in the same year that Shounen Ace, a well-known shounen magazine, began publishing monthly. Eight Bit later produced an anime adaptation of Khei Azano’s light novel. At the same time as Star Align, this anime was licenced by Funimation, and shown on numerous local networks, including Tokyo MX and Sun TV as well as KBS and tvk.

Between October 9, 2013 and March 26, 2014, there were 24 episodes of the show. Fans are still waiting for the second season, even though it has been a long time since the first one aired. Is there still a chance for a second season of this action/supernatural animation with gorgeous landscapes and vibrant illustrations? Look back at the series and see everything we know about the upcoming season.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 – Renewed Or Cancelled?

Viewers have been wondering why there hasn’t been a second season because the first one was so popular. Many anime series are based on already published source materials. It is therefore critical to have a significant number of source materials accessible for a new season of anime.

Here we go: Tokyo Ravens season 2 is most likely not going to be released. There are a slew of possibilities here. While no formal announcement has been made on the show’s cancellation, everyone is still eagerly awaiting the news. Additionally, there has been no official word on whether or not the show would be renewed. Compared to the first season, there is a lot less information available concerning the production of Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

The Tokyo Ravens light novel has not been updated in seven years. In fact, Tokyo Ravens’ anime adaption actually lost money. As a result, the vast majority of anime series abruptly end, leaving fans to wonder why. We don’t expect another great season of the show, but if we find out anything new, we’ll let you know about it right away.

Cast Of Tokyo Ravens Season 2:

If Tokyo Ravens make a return for the upcoming season, the top cast members who already have a good position will once again return.

  • Tsuchimikado, Harutora voiced by Kaito Ishikawa, the main protagonist, the son of a branch family from the Tsuchimikado.
  • Natsume Tsuchimikado voiced by Kana Hanazawa, a childhood friend of Harutora and the daughter of the main family of the Tsuchimikado.
  • Touji Ato voiced by Ryohei Kimura, Harutora’s best friend from school
  • Kyouko Kurahashi voiced by Eri Kitamura
  • Ootomo Jin voiced by Koji Yusa

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What Was The Plotline Of Tokyo Ravens?

Tokyo is under attack by demonic forces after a ceremony goes horribly wrong. So, the Onmyoujis are tasked with removing all the ethereal inhabitants of town. Onmyoujis are persons who can see spirits and manipulate their spiritual energies. Schools for Onmyoujis began to open after the accident in Tokyo. Tsuchimikado Harutora, the protagonist, is a rooted Onmyouji, although he is unable to see spiritual energy. To cope with his disability, he escapes the city to spend time in the country with his buddies.

Harutora, a childhood companion of Natsume, the heir to the main Onmyouji line, refuses to be an Onmyouji. Due to the lack of spiritual talent, it is impossible for him to maintain the vow he made as a youngster. As for the other member of their family who travels to Tokyo to learn the Onmyouji art, Natsume, who has been dubbed a “genius,” is the family’s obligation.

In spite of Harutora’s best efforts, he will be forced to accept his fate as Onmyouji. As a result of the tragic loss of his close friend and the promise he made to Natsume, he makes the decision to move to Tokyo and enrol in a prominent school. Harutora joins forces with Natsume and begins training to avenge Tokyo’s 12 Heaven Generals.

Will There Be A Second Season Of Tokyo Ravens?

As of December 3, 2021, the anime has not been renewed for a second season by either the Eight Bit studio or its light novel/manga publishers. A second season is less likely due to the passage of time, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility entirely. After all, numerous anime series have been renewed for a second season despite lengthy hiatuses.

Eight Bit, the creative studio of Tokyo Ravens, is still in operation as an animation studio today. The anime adaptation of Fuse’s Light Novel ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’ recently received approval for a second season.

Renewals of anime series are dependent on a few key elements, and the committee that makes these decisions takes them seriously. When it comes to anime, disc sales and popularity are quite important because these are commercial endeavours. In addition, the availability of light novel source material will have a role in the season’s selection. We made some educated guesses about the second season based on these important facts.

Light Novals

The Khei Azano and Sumihei light novel series, which ran from May 20, 2010, to October 20, 2018, is no longer being published. The overall number of volumes in the series is 16, plus an additional four volumes. The first nine volumes of the main series were adapted in the first season of the anime. As far as I can tell, there are still 7 volumes of primary source material. Creating a 12-episode first season is still possible, even if there isn’t enough content for 24 episodes. A new season of an anime isn’t going to do much to improve light novel sales because the show was finished years ago.

End Lines

There are occasions when we see animes acquire a second season even though their present popularity is not high enough. There’s always something new to discover in the world of anime. A new 12-episode season of the light novel could be made from the existing stock material. A new season could begin in 2023 if there is a renewal. However, the likelihood of this happening is quite low, and a renewal is first necessary. The God of High School and Noragami are excellent examples of similar animes. As soon as we have formal confirmation, we’ll revise this post.

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