tiktok watermark remover

Tiktok Watermark Remover: How To Get Rid of The Tik Tok Watermark in An Easy Way

You can download TikTok videos without the watermark ssstik.io is a free online tool that lets you download (musically) TikTok videos without watermarks. Save the best quality TikTok videos as MP4 files with HD resolution.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use the TikTok video downloader. It’s simple: in three easy steps, you can download TikTok without a watermark.

How to Get Rid of a TikTok Watermark

tiktok watermark remover


Do you want to get rid of the username and logo of the person who made a video you want to share? You can easily get rid of the watermark on any TikTok video by downloading it with a free web app called Snaptik.

We’ll help you save a TikTok video with Snaptik and cut out the watermark from the top and bottom of the video.

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Use an app to get rid of TikTok watermarks.

If you go to the Apple Store and search for “remove TikTok watermark,” you’ll find a lot of apps that do just that. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” as the saying goes.

In fact, there are so many choices that it can be hard to choose. It can be hard to tell the difference between SaveTok, SaveTik, Saver Tok, TokSaver, and TikSaver. So how do you choose?

Well, before you download any of these apps, you should know that none of them are connected to TikTok. All of them are illegal tools that are made to get around the process of watermarking. So if TikTok changes its API, it might stop working one day.

First, not all of these apps can get rid of the watermark. Some, like TokSaver, let you save a collection of TikTok videos without watermarks without having to download them to your phone.

Second, pay close attention to the reviews! As the number of people who use TikTok grows, more companies are starting up to make money off of content creators who want to get famous.

This is a great situation for scammers who make false promises. Even though every app we looked at had at least four stars, the reviews said something different.

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Use an app for editing videos to get rid of the watermark.

tiktok watermark remover

This is the hardest way to do it, and I wouldn’t recommend it when you could just save the video without the watermark. But we’re giving you every choice!

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Get it now

First, look in the app store for a tool that can get rid of watermarks. All of the warnings above still apply: most “free” tools will bombard you with annoying ads or require you to buy something inside the app for them to work. And the quality varies, so before you commit, read reviews and try a free trial.

  • The App Store is your oyster after that. We tried Video Eraser.
  • Bring in your video from Camera Roll to TikTok.
  • Choose “Remove watermark” from the list of choices on the menu.
  • By pinching and dragging, you can bring attention to the watermark. Most of these tools only allow you to remove one watermark at a time. Since the TikTok watermark moves around, you’ll have to do this in steps.
  • Save your video. Then, open the video you edited and choose where you want the second watermark to go.
  • Again, save it. Then, send the TikTok video you edited to your Camera Roll.
  • Take a minute to look over your work. Because these apps work by replacing the pixels of the watermark with other pixels from the video, there will be a blurry effect where the watermark used to be.
  • This might not be obvious, especially if you have a good background. In our example, it’s not too obvious. But make sure it looks good and is of good quality before you upload it!


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