The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Release Date

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 is Coming Soon: “Return To The Beach House”!

The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime Video was one of the most-watched shows when it came out a few months ago, and there are many reasons why. After all, it’s a nostalgic look back at summer romances and the height of adolescence wrapped up in a beautifully written Jenny Han script.

Not only do the show’s characters come to life in a way that makes fans of the original trilogy and newcomers alike want to pinch themselves, but the coming-of-age storyline makes you feel both nostalgic and sad at the same time. The Summer I Turned Pretty is an American romantic drama about coming of age that was made by Jenny Han.

It is based on Jenny Han’s book of the same name. On June 17, 2022, Amazon Prime Video showed the first episode of the show’s first season. Both the critics and the people who saw the show liked it. Because of this, the show was given a second season. So, when will the next season come out? How does the story go? Who would play the same role again? Keep reading to get more information.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of The Summer I Became Beautiful will be available on Amazon Prime Video in 2023. Prime Video hasn’t said when season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty will be available. But since filming has already begun, we don’t think it will be too long before it comes out.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Release Date

We think that Prime Video will try to release season 2 in the summer, like season 1, so a June or July 2023 release date is possible. Prime Video hasn’t said how many new episodes they’ve ordered for season 2, but it’s likely that they’ve ordered the same number as season 1, which is seven.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Plot

Major possible Season 2 spoiler: In the second book of Jenny Han’s trilogy, Susannah dies of breast cancer, which has a big effect on her sons. Conrad leaves home because he is sad, and Belly and Jeremiah go on a road trip to find him. Belly and Jeremiah get closer, and the love triangle gets more complicated.

We don’t know how closely the TV show will stick to that story, though. Rachel Blanchard, who plays Susannah, was seen hanging out in Han’s TikToks while Season 2 was being filmed. This means that her character will probably be in the next episode. It’s not clear if those are scenes from the present or from the past.

At the end of Season 1, Susannah agreed to start clinical trials for her cancer treatment, and Han hinted that there will be more changes from the books in Season 2. Han told E! News at the 20th Annual Asian American Awards on Dec. 17: “There will always be changes here and there, so I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.” “I’m making the changes, so I guess you can be mad at me since I’m the one making them!”

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 cast

In Season 2, most of the Summer Vacation House cast will be back. Amazon announced on August 31, 2022, that Kyra Sedgwick and Elsie Fisher would be joining Season 2 as recurring cast members. Skye is not a character in the books, but Fisher will play her in the movie.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Release Date

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‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Season 1: Ending Explained

When it’s Belly’s turn to dance at the ball, she can’t wait. For her, this is like a dream come true. But just before Susannah’s moment, Jeremiah finds out that she has cancer. He is so upset by this news that he can’t make it to Belly, so Conrad steps in. He shows up, and the two of them dance.

So, Belly’s summer wish has come true, but in a kind of sad way. She is waltzing with Conrad, who is holding her in his arms, and she is having the best time of her life despite everything. Later, though, Jeremiah comes to the party and tells Conrad that their mother has been diagnosed with cancer.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Release Date

That’s when Jeremiah finds out that Conrad has known this the whole time. He hits him because he kept it a secret. Back at home, both of the boys beg their mother to change her mind about not getting treatment, but she just smiles and cries.

Belly and Conrad talk to each other on the beach in the last scene of Season 1 of “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” Conrad says he’s sorry for being a jerk all summer long. He is about to kiss Belly but Belly stops him and says that she simply doesn’t want to be someone he needs but rather wishes to be someone he wants.

Conrad tells her that he’s always wanted to be with her, and they kiss on the beach as the sun rises. The second season will give us more of their story to follow. Jenny Han’s 2022 drama/romance series “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is called “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Trailer

Prime Video hasn’t released any teasers or trailers for season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty yet. You can watch the Season 1 trailer below for now:

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Reality shows get people excited in a different way because they are not planned. People won’t know what will happen next, which makes them even more interested in the show. The Summer I Turned Pretty’s first season ends with Belly and Jeremiah deciding to take a road trip together.

Season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty hasn’t started yet, so we don’t know how the story will go. It may not follow Han’s book exactly. We won’t know until Season 2 of “Breaths of Air.” Staying up to date with our website will let you know about many more reality shows that are on now and will be on in the future.

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