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Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 Will Be The Last!

The AMC sitcom “Kevin Can F ** k Himself” starring Annie Murphy returns for Season Two. You can find everything about the start, plot, trailer, and cast of the final season below.

The AMC series ” Kevin Can F ** k Himself ” returns for the second season. However, this is the final season of the sitcom. You can find everything about the start, plot, trailer, and cast below.


An exact start date for season 2 is not yet available. The new episodes will probably appear in the summer or autumn of 2022 on US broadcaster AMC. It broadcasts Amazon Prime video from the series. Season 1 came out two months after its US launch. We can therefore expect a similar period for season 2.


In the season 1 finale, Kevin’s best friend, Neil, learns of Allison’s plan to kill her husband and attacks her. Neil’s sister Patty forces him with a bottle of k. o. to hit.

In season 2, fans will probably learn more about Neil. They also understand why Kevin is the way he is. He is also aiming for a career as a politician in the new episodes.


There is currently no trailer for season 2. As soon as one is available, you will find it here.

It can be assumed that all previous leading actors will also return in season 2. That means we’ll be Annie Murphy (” Schitt’s Creek “) as Allison Devine-McRoberts, Mary Hollis Inboden (” The Righteous Gemstones “) as Patricia “Patty” Deirdre O’Connor, Eric Petersen (“Kirstie”) as Kevin McRoberts, See Alex Bonifer as Neil O’Connor, Brian Howe (” Chicago Fire “) as Peter “Pete” McRoberts and Raymond Lee (” Prodigal Son “) as Samuel “Sam” Park.

As the US magazine TV Line reports, “Kevin Can F ** k Himself” Season 2 is the final season of the series. A reason for the withdrawal is not yet known.

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