The ABCs of Client Surveys Everything You Need to Know

The ABCs of Client Surveys: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re like most business owners, you probably think that client surveys are a waste of time. You may be wondering why you should bother asking your clients for feedback when you can just guess what they want or need. The truth is, though, that client surveys are one of the best ways to improve your business.Surely, numbers and stats could be a bit boring sometimes and to unwind, you can visit

We’ll give you some tips on how to make sure that your surveys yield accurate results. So whether you’re just starting out with client surveys or you’ve been doing them for years, this page is for you! 

What Are Surveys?

Surveys are an excellent way to learn what customers think of your products, services, and customer service. Additionally, obtain information about who visits your store, what they purchase, and why. The information gathered from the surveys will aid:

Create Promotional and Personalized Offers

The greater your understanding of your customers, the more likely you are to meet their needs. Surveys will provide the following information: the ages of your customers, their hobbies, their occupations, and the composition of their families. This information facilitates the creation of targeted promotions and personalized mailings. And they typically perform better than all-inclusive, universal offers.

Find Fresh Business Concepts

Regular customers can inform you of which new products will be in demand. And a survey of the local populace will help you determine what services you are lacking and why customers prefer your competitors.

The hairdresser may inquire if the client desires additional services, such as manicures, eyelash lamination, or eyebrow tattooing. Or is it preferable to hire a second master to make the recording looser? Concurrently, you can establish the optimal price for a new service. Understand why you are loved so deeply. Ask customers why they came to your business and what they like best. The restaurant can determine which dish was the most delicious, how quickly orders were taken, and whether live music interfered with service.

Do not forget to include a field for free-form comments if you offer to select answers from pre-made options. Allow the guests to speak freely about everything that is significant to them. Perhaps you will be surprised by how much you discover and learn. You believed that people frequented your business because of your inexpensive lunches, but they actually prefer your tea and the fact that there is always parking nearby.


How To Collect Data From Surveys

You can order a survey with everything included, or you can conduct the survey yourself with the assistance of employees, services, and tools.

Do It Yourself

The simplest option is to find a questionnaire template on the Internet. During the time that customers are awaiting their orders, have employees mail it out or fill it out.

Online Tools

Use Google Forms! In this free service, you can collect a questionnaire with either open-ended questions or pre-determined answers, as well as add an image or video to them.

Google Forms Poll Illustration

Some of the questions can be made mandatory if an individual does not wish to provide their name or email address. A service that creates and distributes polls to the appropriate audience. You can send the questionnaire to your contact database or administer it to external respondents. For instance, you are interested in the opinions of men aged 25 to 40 with an above-average income who enjoy sports and reside in Perm.

Your personal account contains statistics that you can share or download to your computer or mobile device. Online statistics are displayed immediately following the survey’s launch and are regularly updated.

Conduct a Survey

SurveyMonkey is another survey service. In a survey, you can ask up to 10 questions and receive no more than 10 responses with the free version. Logos and videos cannot be evaluated because media files cannot be uploaded. You cannot download the results; you can only view them in your personal account.

Sample questionnaire in SurveyMonkey

If you lack a clientele, the service will provide one for an additional cost.


Go to an agency if you do not want to distract employees from their work or waste time reviewing profiles. In a few days, an expert team will conduct a thorough survey of a defined target group (“women between the ages of 25 and 35”). A study of hundreds or a complex sample ( “families with two children of different sexes aged 7–16”) will require 5-7 weeks from the agency.

Specialists will develop a questionnaire and ask questions to your clients. And if necessary, they will recruit additional respondents by interviewing people of the appropriate gender, age, and income.

The survey is not for customers, but for the company. Intrigue them so they will want to answer your questions. Connect the questionnaire to an event in the client’s life. A beauty salon may say, “You recently had eyelash extensions with us; please share your thoughts on the master.” We interview clients who have been with us for over a year, according to the School of English.

Reward Your Customers

For instance, provide them with a discount code for their next purchase. Be aware of the duration of the survey. This will demonstrate your respect for the client’s time. And the individual will know beforehand whether he will have time to answer all questions. The majority of people are willing to spend no more than five minutes on a survey, according to studies.


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