Supernatural Creature Walking on Bridge

Supernatural Creature Walking on Bridge: Just a Naked Woman Stared in That Internet-Raved Video

A woman was reportedly seen in the background of a viral video purportedly depicting a “supernatural monster” on a bridge in the Hazaribagh region of the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand.

A tweet by @Ashutos32363607 on Twitter attracted at least 106,000 views, and the video’s authenticity was verified by two local youngsters who recorded it, according to Alt News, an Indian nonprofit fact-checking website.

The unnamed woman was reportedly noticed by the two men as they traveled from Chakradharpur (a city in the West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand) to Seraikela (a town in the Seraikela Kharsawan district of Jharkhand) along the Kharsawan road, according to a report by Alt News.

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Supernatural Creature Walking on Bridge

There are no clues as to why the woman was braless and strolling down the roadway late at night. Sub-inspector Mohammad Noushad of Seraikela informed Alt News that they are looking into the incident.

The Seraikela Kharsawan district police have been approached by Newsweek for comment.

Arvind Chauhan, a journalist for The Times of India who was among those who originally posted the footage of the claimed “supernatural creature,” retweeted the Alt News report about the video on Thursday.

In a tweet, Chauhan said, “It was not extraterrestrial but a woman was wandering naked on a roadway at night.”

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Is it a ghost or an alien?

A video of a mysterious man strolling down an Indian roadway has just gone viral. People who shared the photo online said it depicted a ghost or an alien.

But the video is a little fuzzy, so it’s hard to tell for sure what it is. Read on for some information to mull on before you view the clip.

Does she appear to be nude?

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Near the point where Harry was about to give up, he became aware of some activity on the balcony below. He looked through the mist for an explanation.

About seven feet away, he made out a person, and in front of him, on his knees, he saw what appeared to be a man kneeling erect.

Can you tell whether it’s a witch by looking at it?

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The image of the unknown man has been circulating online for weeks. Several newspapers in India have reported on the supposed sighting.

People have theorized about the origins of the figure, despite the fact that the video’s quality makes it difficult to get a clear look at the figure. It has caused heated discussions online concerning the veracity of the figure in question.

Is That…A Zombie?

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Snapshots of Other Weird Things Caught on Camera

Supernatural Creature Walking on Bridge

The creature is used to describe any non-plant living entity, especially if it is of a strange or alien species. Creatures can also refer to fictional animals or other imaginary beings.

A creature is considered supernatural if its nature, history, or origin are shrouded in mystery. Some examples of additional Photographed Supernatural Creatures are as follows.

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