'Summer House' : Drama Swirls Around Carl and Lindsay as 2 Roommates 'Confront Our Demons'

“Summer House” Drama Encircles Carl and Lindsay as Two Roommates “Face Our Demons”

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s relationship is still a source of tension in the Summer House.

Kyle Cooke and Mya Allen couldn’t even enjoy their Fourth of July beach party on Monday because there were still problems between them that hadn’t been solved. After a short talk, they decided to “face our demons” and talk to Carl and Lindsay.

Mya, who is 30, pulled Lindsay, who is 36, away from the other girls and made her sit down on the sand. She then talked to Lindsay about how she talked to her in the car in Los Angeles.

“Your words were very harsh. Mya told Lindsay, “The way you talked to me was like nothing I’ve ever heard before.” Lindsay said at first that she didn’t “raise her voice.”

'Summer House' : Drama Swirls Around Carl and Lindsay as 2 Roommates 'Confront Our Demons'

Mya told Lindsay that she had texted Carl, who hasn’t had any alcohol since 2020, to invite him to smoke pot. Lindsay then told Mya what was going through her mind at that time. “I answered right away and asked, “Do you think maybe you should have talked to me about that?” “I asked you if you thought it would be okay to talk to me first about that.”

Lindsay kept going, “At the time, I wasn’t drinking to support my boyfriend, but you asked him to smoke weed with you even though I wasn’t drinking. And you can let me tell you that.”

“You also said a lot of bad things about me at that time,” Mya told Lindsay. Lindsay said back, “I didn’t say anything bad about you.”

Mya then told Lindsay, after saying she wanted to get along with everyone in the house, “You and I are not going to agree on what happened in that car ride.”

'Summer House' : Drama Swirls Around Carl and Lindsay as 2 Roommates 'Confront Our Demons'

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Lindsay is confused and asks if she can’t talk about how she feels about the situation. Mya tells her, “You said things about my character that I don’t do, and that’s my problem.”

Mya told Lindsay for sure, “You told me in the car that I wanted Carl. You told me that I got with him.”

Lindsay said, “No, I didn’t.” “I told her, “You’re texting my sober boyfriend. You have no idea how I feel. I’m drunk to back him up.'”

From there, Mya laughed at her housemates when they tried to tell her what they thought. She finally went too far when she told Lindsay: “Bitch, you can feel however you want to. I’ll keep my word.”

“You just called me a whore?” Lindsay looked mad.

Mya said, “Not in that way.” “I refer to my friends as bitches.”

Summer House' : Drama Swirls Around Carl and Lindsay as 2 Roommates 'Confront Our Demons'

Lindsay shot down that reason: “I’m sorry, but you just told me that you don’t consider me a friend. Coexisting is not the same as being friends.”

Even though Lindsay said Mya was “Mya told her, “I have no intention of being rude to you, and especially to you and your relationship, just because you are changing the story.” I just want to be able to live with you.”

“I think there’s a chance for us to get back together, and I’ll say that,” she said. “But I don’t think we’ll just talk about what happened over and over again.” “I’m still not sure that everything will be great. I just want to find a place where we can be okay, so if we can leave it there, that would be great.”

On the other side of the beach, while the women were making up, Kyle talked to Carl about what he thought was a less-than-stellar job.

Carl said, “I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do and where I want to go with Loverboy because some days I’ve been mad.” “I’ve been working my tail off, but it’s not good enough, or I don’t feel like I’m valued sometimes, and it’s an s—- feeling.”

Summer House' : Drama Swirls Around Carl and Lindsay as 2 Roommates 'Confront Our Demons'

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He said, “Sometimes I feel like the face of the brand, and part of me likes that—like, my ego loves that—but then I’m like, ‘Well, Amanda and Kyle aren’t doing as much in public.'”

Kyle said that Carl’s role had been “crafted” to put him at the front of the brand work because, as the CEO of the company, he didn’t always have time to go out in public. Carl said, “I just feel like the work I do, the recognition I get, and the value I think I bring aren’t seen as much, and it hurts.”

But Kyle, who was 40, didn’t think Carl, who was 38, had gotten to this point of anger on his own.

Kyle told Carl, “I’m also just like, ‘I’m trying not to f—-ing say it, but I’ll just say it because I love you and Lindsay together,’ but I’m trying to figure out what’s different, and the only thing I can think of is that she must be in your ear.

Carl then told Lindsay that she had “been through a lot of crap with me, and I’ll tell her about it. I’m just so tired of it, and she looks at my long hours, emails, Slacks, and late nights and says, “What’s the point?” And I do have to listen to her because I think she is looking out for me.”

In an interview where he told everything, Carl said: “I think Lindsay has just shown me how valuable I am as a person, and she says, “You know what? You have a lot of talent. You can do other things that might make you happier in the long run.’ She just wants me happy, and she’s just been seeing me unhappier.”

In his own confessional, Kyle didn’t hold back: “I don’t think this is true. Carl’s been happy. Loverboy has given him a reason to live when he had none before. Lindsay must be pretty goddamn bored not working and hearing people say, “Oh, you work too much.”

Summer House' : Drama Swirls Around Carl and Lindsay as 2 Roommates 'Confront Our Demons'

Kyle’s anger boiled over while he was talking to Mya at a group dinner that Lindsay and Carl didn’t go to. Kyle said that Carl had messed up a big deal with a distributor and forgot to tell his coworkers about the time off he had planned.

Kyle said, “He’s out of the picture.” “I know he’s giving me a hard time for being the guy who doesn’t appreciate god knows what, but I’m like, “Bro, I’ve given you so much f—-ing leeway.”

He kept going, making his accusations stronger: “I don’t know what to do, man. Lindsay is in his ear telling him, “You’re worth a lot. You’re not getting enough love.’ He wasn’t hireable when I hired him, and he showed up to work drunk. I’m like, ‘Are you f—-ing kidding me?’ He went to work one day so high that he forgot to bring his computer with him.”

“Everyone needs to know,” Kyle said. “I’m a boss who is pretty easy to work for.”

Danielle Olivera overheard them talking and told Kyle that he shouldn’t say bad things about their friend when he wasn’t there to defend himself. This was especially true since the alleged work incident happened before Carl said he was sober.

Kyle wouldn’t take it, so he threw down the gauntlet: “Carl could quit the company right now and it wouldn’t care one f—-ing bit. I gave him the best chance in the history of the world.”

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