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Succession Renewed For Season 4! How Long Will It Go?

After the end of “Game of Thrones” (and before the start of “House of the Dragon”), the drama series “Succession” is the driving force behind the US streaming service HBO Max. Patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and his 4 children are very popular. 

It’s not surprising that HBO Max announced the extension of its hit streak today. “Succession” also has the 4th season, as reported by Deadline, among other things.

“Succession”: Is It Over After The 4th Season?

The 3rd season of “Succession” is currently airing in the United States. The audience ratings went up by 13 per cent compared to season 2. The “buzz” around the HBO show probably also convinced the station managers. The cast ensemble has recently graced several front pages and magazine covers in the USA.

However, given the positive renewal news, the question arises as to how many seasons of “Succession” will end up being. Author Georgia Pritchett already told the Sunday Times that a maximum of 5 seasons would be possible. But maybe, according to Pritchett, there will only be 4 in the end.

Brian Cox Spilled Beans On A Fourth Season

Previously, Cox, who portrays the role of Logan in the show, revealed that the show would be moving along a new path after Season 3. 

“It really depends on the writers. If they feel they can stoke other stuff out of it….I mean, it is morphing into other areas. I don’t want to say ‘humanist document’ because Jesse would hate that. But the show has taken on its own life, it’s creating its own life. And that’s a big advantage. So as long as that life is there, and as long as the writers are inspired to do stuff, then it could go on.”

Moreover, when the interviewer asked Logan about his part in the fourth season, the statement was quite shocking. The actor said that the writers and showrunners could kill him, but they would surely miss his existence. 

If you are a follower of the show, you might know that Logan was supposed to die at the end of the first season. But the love and following of the character resulted in the extension of the character’s life throughout these seasons. 

Succession Season 4: It Won’t Go Too Long!

Coming to the statements made by the creator and showrunner of the show, Jesse Armstrong. During a conversation with The New Statesman, the creator stated that the show won’t be able to go much longer now, as any other day, the CEO of Waystar Royco will be named. 

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