Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Release Date

Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

The fifth season trailer for Star Trek: Discovery has arrived. Paramount+, as part of its presentation at New York Comic-Con 2022, showed off the first trailer for the impending fifth chapter in the Sonequa Martin-Green-led interstellar voyage.

As filming for Season 5 gets underway in Toronto, Canada, we can expect to see Captain Michael Burnham and his crew continuing their exploration of the 32nd century. Filming on the 10-episode series began in June.

Like Star Trek: Discovery, it will likely debut on Paramount+ in the United States in the early years of 2023.

In the latest Star Trek: Discovery promo, we hear Doctor Kovich’s (David Cronenberg) monologue as he sets our intrepid crew off on a quest for interstellar gold. The greatest treasure in all of known space is out there.

Asking a hurt Captain Burnham (Martin-Green), “What are you waiting for? “, the captain immediately steps up to the challenge.

The season 5 trailer for Discovery features our protagonist speeding through a sandstorm on the desert plains, reminiscent of the first image from Star Trek Day last month. The final stop is never known, but it appears to be a crash site deep within a tropical forest.

Speculation on the Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Release Date

Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Release Date

The premiere date for Season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery is unknown as of September 2022. On Star Trek Day, there was no public statement. However, it is possible to assemble a reasonable estimate from scattered data.

It was announced in January that Paramount had given the Star Trek television series a fifth season renewal. After barely five months, fans were greeted with the news that season production had begun.

What does this tell us about when we may expect to see Star Trek: Discovery Season 5? Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery began filming in November 2020 and premiered in November 2021, almost exactly a year later.

However, the production ran into issues due to Covid-19, so it’s not the best indicator of how long it will be until the picture is released. The production of season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery began about 15 months prior to its initial airing.

Putting two and two together, we’re going to hazard a guess that the premiere date for Star Trek: Discovery season five will be somewhere around July 2023.

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Here’s the lowdown on season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery is set in the far future of the Star Trek canon. If you’ve only seen the first couple of seasons, you might be surprised to learn that the crew of the USS Discovery has been transported to the year 3188, over 900 years into the future.

When the crew arrives in this future, they discover that The Burn abolished the United Federation of Planets and made space travel far more difficult.

The crew of the USS Discovery embarks on a mission to rebuild the Federation. This is Michael Burnham’s fifth season as captain of the Discovery (Sonequa Martin-Green). Naturally, her first officer, Saru, will accompany her (Doug Jones).

Unfortunately for Burnham, the USS Discovery has lost its Spore Drive, rendering warp travel impossible.

We were given a sneak peek at the season two plot on Star Trek Day, and it seems like Burnham and the rest of the crew will be on the prowl for an ancient artifact of immense power.

Seeing as Earth consented to rejoin the Federation of Planets in the fourth season finale, it’s safe to presume that we’ll also begin the process of reconstructing the organization.

Check out our Star Trek viewing order if you want to get caught up on everything that has happened in the Star Trek universe.

The Rest of The Cast Will Be Back, but Tilly Might Not

Following the events of Season 4, it seems likely that the majority of Star Trek: Discovery’s regular cast will return for Season 5. This, of course, means more adventures for Sonequa Martin-Michael Green’s Burnham, the first black female lead in Star Trek canon.

After her tale intersected with Anson Mount’s Christopher Pike on the Enterprise, the show’s final two seasons took place in the far future. As the second season came to a close, however, the Discovery crew jumped into the future to protect their data from the evil AI Control.

David Ajala’s Book, who has a romantic history with Burham, and the rest of the primary players should also come along for the voyage. We also need Anthony Rapp as Stamets, Wilson Cruz as Hugh Culber, Blu Del Barrio as Adira Tal, and Doug Jones as Saru.

What will become of Mary Wiseman’s Sylvia Tilly once she leaves for the Academy at the end of the previous season is a mystery. Due to the relocation, she might not be a key character in any upcoming stories.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 will have the same cast and, presumably, the same creative team. Along with Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman has steered this series, Star Trek: Picard, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds for Paramount+’s Star Trek franchise.

Season 3 saw the addition of Michelle Paradise as co-showrunner, and she is expected to return for Season 5.

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