Spotify++: The Music App That Takes Your Listening Experience To The Next Level!

Exactly what is Spotify Plus? If you own an iOS device, you can have access to all of Spotify Premium’s features by downloading Spotify++. Can I somehow acquire Spotify+? The Spotify++ app is not available for direct download from the iTunes or Google Play stores.

But, resources like AppValley, Tweakbox, Tweakdoor, etc., are available if you need assistance. If you’ve tried these methods before, however, you may have encountered error messages or been taken to ad-filled websites instead of Spotify++.

Even if you manage to install Spotify++, you still won’t be able to save your favorite Spotify tracks to listen to later. As a result, we’ve located a foolproof method for you to not only obtain Spotify++ but also listen to Spotify’s catalog of offline music.

Part 1. Spotify++ Features


As we’ve already established, Spotify++ grants access to a subset of Premium’s features. You can view Spotify++’s available enhancements here:

  1. Spotify is ad-free and open to everyone who wants it.
  2. Second, the audio quality of Spotify playlists has been improved.
  3. Third, you can create and share your own playlists with other users.
  4. With the search bar, you may look for your preferred music, artists, or podcasts.
  5. You can skip the music indefinitely.
  6. To number six, there is no mandatory shuffling.

Part 2. How to Get Spotify++ on iOS

This section will teach you how to use TweakBox and AppValley to download and install Spotify++ on your iOS device.

Get Spotify++ on iOS with TweakBox


TweakBox is a third-party app shop for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Step 1. Visit and then download the TweakBox app store on your iOS device.

Step 2. Open the TweakBox and go to the “Apps” section. Then tap on “Tweaked Apps”.

Step 3. Search for Spotify++. Once find it, install it on your device.

Download Spotify++ on iOS with AppValley

You can get Spotify++ for your iOS device via TweakBox, but there’s also AppValley. The specific procedures are as follows:

Step 1. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Go to

Step 2. Scroll down to tap on “Install AppValley”.

Step 3. Go to Settings > General > Profiles to trust the profile of AppValley.

Step 4. Open AppValley and search for “Spotify++”.

Step 5. Once found, tap on “GET” and then tap “Install” to install Spotify++ on your device.

Step 6. When the installation is over, open Spotify++. Similarly, navigate to Settings > General > Device and Profile Management to trust the developer.

Step 7. Now you get Spotify++ on iOS successfully, start streaming your favorite music!

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Part 3. How to Get Spotify++ to Work on Computers

Unfortunately, Spotify++ is not available for desktop users on any third-party platforms. As a result, we provide you with yet another tried-and-true method to enjoy Spotify Premium at no cost. You should also request a tool to assist you. This music converter is known as AudKit SpottiLab.


This converter will allow you to use Spotify++ with all of its features intact. Also, you can make use of offline Spotify playback, a feature that isn’t available in Spotify++. The download function is available in AudKit SpotiLab Music Converter.

Without Spotify’s special protection, your favorite songs can be downloaded immediately. Your Spotify library is downloaded to your PC as individual files. You are free to listen to them whenever you want, wherever you are. Install AudKit Spotify Converter after you’ve downloaded it to your computer. Follow these instructions to activate Spotify Premium without a subscription.

Step 1 Drag Spotify music to AudKit

Launch AudKit on your PC and simply drop your Spotify playlists or individual songs into the program’s main window to listen to them. Alternatively, you can paste the Spotify music URL into AudKit’s search bar.

Step 2 Customize Output Parameters


AudKit gives you complete control over the final sound quality. The Preferences menu can be accessed by clicking the menu bar in the top right. Next, navigate to the output tab by clicking the “Convert” button. Choose from MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, FLAC, and WAV as the output format. Channels, sample rate, bit rate, etc. are just some of the other parameters that can be adjusted.

Step 3 Download and Listen to Spotify Music without Premium

The “Convert” button can be found at the very right of the AudKit screen. After that, it’ll start downloading and converting your Spotify songs at a blistering speed of up to 5X. After the download is complete, you can use Spotify without a Premium subscription to listen to music while you’re away from your computer.

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Part 4. How to Get Spotify++ for Android

Is Spotify++ available on Android devices? Unfortunately, Spotify++ is not available in any Android app markets outside of Google’s own. Yet, there is still a dependable option that will allow you to access Spotify Premium. Here are the measures you can take:


Step 1. Follow the steps in Part 3 to download your Spotify music on your computer.

Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to your computer.

Step 3. Transfer the downloaded Spotify music to your Android phone.

Step 4. Now you successfully download Spotify music to Android without Premium. You can offline listen to Spotify without the interruption of ads.


All you need to know to get Spotify++ on your Android, iOS, or computer is up top. Use a third-party app store, such as TweakBox or AppValley, to download Spotify++ for iOS. However, Spotify++ is not available for download on any Android devices or computers.

That’s why we’re providing you with a second, more dependable option: the AudKit SpotiLab Converter. It allows you to save songs from Spotify for offline listening on your PC without a Premium subscription. You won’t have any problems working with this tool because of how intuitive it is.

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