Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release Date, Renewed Status, Cast & Other Details

Seraph Of The End Season 3

Takaya Kagami and Daisuke Furuya’s ‘Seraph of the End,’ also known in Japanese as ‘Owari no Serafu,’ is a dark fantasy manga series. A well-known anime series, Yamato Yamamoto, is portrayed in this manga.

The first edition of ‘Seraph of the End’ was released on September 3rd, 2012. Anime adaptations were picked up and the first season aired on April 4th, 2015 as a result. Anime has captivated and enthralled a devoted following of fans around the world. Season two aired later that year, and since then, fans have been clamouring for more!

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Will Feature Who?

A return of the show’s protagonist, Yuuichirou, is almost certain in the upcoming season. Additionally, there are Mikaela Hyakuya and Guren Ichinose, Shinoa Hiiragis, Yoichu Saotome, Yuuichirou’s classmate, and Shihou Kimizuki and Mitsuba Sanguu in the latest season.

Seraph Of The End Season 3, there are a few characters you should keep an eye out for. The third film in the series could feature well-known vampires, if rumours are to be believed. However, the following characters could make a comeback in season 3.

  • Yuichiro\sMikaela
  • Guren In this case, it is Shinoa Hiiragi, Ichinose Shinoa
  • The Shihou Kimizuki Mitsuba Sanguu of Yoichi Saotome Shihou

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What’s the Story Behind Seraph of the End?

Yuuichiro Amane is the protagonist of the anime, which depicts a fictional universe. Amane’s childhood was traumatic, as both of his parents died when he was young. The entire human race is devastated while the Hyakuyu Orphanage residents are trying to adapt and improve their lives.

There is an epidemic that kills everyone over 13 years old and spreads quickly throughout the world. Children are wistful as they mourn the loss of their loved ones, while vampires who had lain dormant beneath are rising up to take control of the planet.

In the end, Yuuichirou survives the carnage and makes it to safety. He is discovered by the Imperial Demon Army’s Moon Demon Company, a fearsome human organisation whose sole mission is to eradicate vampires once and for all, freeing humanity from slavery. They are the only ones capable of finding him.

The plot takes a turn when Yuuichirou meets Mikaela, whom he had presumed dead. Upon returning to Mikaela, he is shocked to discover that she has also turned to the dark side. Because of this, Yuuichirou is even more determined to grow stronger and wipe out the vampire race that has taken his human companion and caused so much pain to the world. As soon as he joins the Imperial Demon Army, he begins training to kill vampires.

Temporarily discontinuing Seraph of the End means that a third season will be delayed because not enough material from the existing manga chapters can be used to adapt it into an anime adaptation.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Seraph Of The End has yet to be announced, and there is currently no word on a release date or if there will be a third season. Because the first two seasons of Seraph Of The End covered nearly all of Takaya Kagami’s manga volumes, there has been a long wait for the third season.

Due to a lack of manga to adapt, Wit Studio (Attack on Titan) cancelled Season 3 of Seraph of the End To ensure Wit Studios has enough material for a third season of the Seraph Of The End manga series, Kagami added over 40 additional chapters.

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Seraph Of The End Season 3 Trailer

Common Questions

What Happened to Seraph Of The End?

Seraph Of The End Season 3 is almost certainly coming, but no release date for the anime has been announced as of yet. Many anime fans believe that the show has been cancelled by the creators and will not be renewed. The third and final season of Seraph of the End is on its way, but no release date has been set.

Is Yuichiro a fan of Shinoa as well?

However, Yuichiro has been instrumental in shaping Shinoa’s character, but he has never shown any romantic interest in her. We can expect to see more of this in the future, as Shinoa has been shown to care a lot about Yuu and the fans believe she has a crush on him.


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